Q: 04 mazda 6 broken door on 2004 Mazda Mazda6

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04 mazda 6 drivers door won't open.. I read the post that people left and what part that question is can the door be opened with a slimjim from the outside ?
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I don't know if you mean that the door won't open with the outer or inner release handles, or the door is locked and can't be unlocked, or just that the remote doesn't do it.
Whether you can unlock it with a slimjim kinda depends on your skill with it. Also if the latch is broken, a slimjim won't help. You may have to remove the door trim panel (not easy with the door closed!) and open it from the inside. That's often how it's gotta be done. There is a recall an later 6's for a sticking latch or doorhandle that causes the door to open unexpectedly, but that's not your problem. You may need a Mazda specialist to help you.
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