Q: 04 Impala LS 80K mi. Intermittent trans issues see below on 2004 Chevrolet Impala

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1 - going from stop, you gas it & it starts to move like it's under a strain then a deep internal slam & it takes off. could be trying to start in a higher gear then dropping into 1st when rpm's increase?
2 - randomly has a bump or thump when upshifting under light throttle (all 3 shifts), other times shifts quietly & smoothly.
Both problems are very intermittent, doesn't seem to matter if it's warmed up or cold
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Thanks, but definitely not it. Bought in Dec from a Volvo dealer. Took it back soon with these problems, they had for several weeks, couldn't diagnose, put a rebuilt trans in. Now better, but still same symptoms, just not as frequesnt. I know you can get a bad rebuild, but odds of the exact same issues have to be low. I wonder if they really even needed to put trans in it. Could it be some kind of electrical gremlin vs mechanical?
thanks for the reply. don't know, dealer is working on it. They're a Volvo dlr, they sub the work out to an independent shop down the street. dlr bending over backwards but I have no confidence in their guy. Trying to get them to work with Chevy dlr or trans shop
my 2004 Chevy Impala has the same problem did you figure out what the Issue was with your car
after they had messed around with the car for about 2 months, I finally convinced them to take it to a Chevy dealer who diagnosed it in 1 day as a pressure control module, no big deal.
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