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Q: 04 Honda Accord Transmission "D" light has started blinking. on 2004 Honda Accord

Transmission "D" light has started blinking. Use to blink a little long time ago but now blinks constantly. Car and transmission workd normally. Fluid level is normal.
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This is interesting. I also have a 2004 Accord 3.0L V6 Automatic and I just experienced this same problem. I would encourage others who are having transmission to let others know. Does the transmission parts of The difference for me, though, is that the carks 'bucks' slight with downshifting. In addition, it doesn't appear to shift to higher gears during highway travel - thus the engine runs at higher than normal RPM (close to 3.5-4K RPM at around 55MPH). From memory, I'm guessing closer to 2.5k is normal.
HA ! Not funny - My transmission was rebuilt 4/2012 and then again in 4/2012 (didn't do the job correct the 1st time). I usually do 4-hr. weekend trips, because of no job and the price of gas, have cut those out. On 1/20/13 I did a trip to the shore. With the constant speed on the Interstate, after 74 miles, my D-light, check engine light, /\ light and TSC lights all came on. I pulled into AutoZone, who does a free diagnosis, P0717 & P0718 each with 3 codes (all the same), after I learned I could drive the car, I continued on to my 2 destinations, after the car sat for 2 hours, 2 of the lights went off, after sitting for 3 hours, only the check engine light remained, and after a pit stop the check engine light went off. I took the car to Honda on Monday night, they diagnosed it on Tuesday the only code that came up was P0717 which is a speed sensor, and the shaft that is inside the trans. Back to Lee Myles, who replaced the speed sensor; Now I have to pick up the car today, take a road trip to see if the lights come back on or not. If they do, the shaft is bad and they didn't replace it, overlooked it or ignored it having to be replaced in hopes the car would be out of warranty! This stinks - They take advantage of people who are not mechanics. I also found out HONDA had a ton of problems with their transmissions but the car needs to be in a certain VIN# for them to take it back. In addition, I read the 4 cyl have less problems than the 6 cyl which I have. Which brings me back to when I had a Chevy Impala (new) in the 70s went through one trans a year until I took them to court. They put a small transmission in a mid-size car which couldn't take the weight of the car (especially I lived in a hilly area), after the third trans, the Judge ordered them to put a new one in and prorated the 2nd one I had installed. They knew they were putting inferior parts in the cars and we the consumers get stuck footing the bill. Lenore07407 at gmail dot com
The transmission control module monitors the operation of the transmission via sensors, and when it determines a fault it will make the lights flash to indicate a fault has been detected. You will need to have the diagnostic codes read out of the transmission control module, then a diagnostic procedure performed to determine the problem.
It is not uncommon to have everything work normally when a fault is detected, the systems are very sensitive and can register problems before they effect the operation.
I have a similar problem with my 2005 Accord. What could be the possible cause. The car drags when the it is shifted into drive.
Check your electeical connections closely for the sensor plug for 3 gear and the one for 4 gear. Thats where my problem was. Even if you have to run a temporary parallel line from the last connection to within 1-2 inches of each plug.
I have a 98 Honda Civic that recently had trouble with the automatic transmission. It would have trouble down-shifting when coming to stop. I called different mechanic shops and one guy told me it could either be the "shift speed soleniod" located on the top of the transmission, a "transmission control module" located inside the car, or it could be a sensor. So I popped the hood and checked all the connections for all my sensors and found one that had been diconnected. The "engine temperature sensor
" had come unplugged so it clicked it back in to place and my transmission worked fine from then on. I confirmed this with a transmission mechanic to make sure I fixed the problem and he said that was the problem. If the computer cant read the engine temp. then it will cause it to not want to go into gear. So, if you are even the least bit mechanically inclined, check your sensors and save the trip to the repair shop.
I need help I have a 98 Honda accord with the D4 light blinking, I changed the transmission and the module and light continues blinking, I have check the selinoid as well and continues to blink. What else can it? Please can some one give me new suggestions?

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