Q: 04 GMC Envoy has been lowering in the rear and not going back up anymore? on 2002 GMC Envoy

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it has been doing this occasionally in the fall but now it's winter and it's been happening more often. This morning it was all the way down like a low rider and will not come back up even with the push of the rear air compressor manually? Any suggestions? Mechanic said its a complicated system and cannot get it to inflate manually?
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Sounds like the pump may not be coming on which could be caused by a bad fuse, faulty pump, or faulty wiring. If you can hear the pump running there may be a leak/hole in the piping or in the air bag itself.
Thanks for the advice. Mechanic said he's ordering a new compressor. He tried to get it to inflate so he can check it but it wouldn't inflate! I think it's more than the compressor but I will try and see what he says! Cha ching!
What happens to the system is a small leak occurs and causes the compressor to overwork and fail........I would diagnose for a leak after the new compressor is installed......If you have problems try my shop......good luck!