Q: 04' chevy venture sudden power steering loss, no leaks, no noises drives. why? on 2004 Chevrolet Venture

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I replaced the power steering pump a year ago, the vehicle can still be driven but has no power steering, it doesent make any wierd noises after the malfunction, its not leaking fluid and my wife said she heard a couple of screeching noise before it went out on her while she was driving on the interstate. the serpentine belt is still good but the power steering pump cap depressurizes each time I take it off and the fluid always looks good but this time its a murky brown almost mud color, when i replaced it I didnt have any power steering fluid so i just put ATF in it, would that cause a pump failure but the pulley continue to spin as if it was working correctly? I really could use some help as this is the only vehicle we have to safely transport our kids. thanks in advance guys.
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The BEST way to fix these kind of power steering problems is to replace the pump and the steering rack!! Done been there done that. It's a little pricey initially, but worth every dime later, i guarantee it!
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