Q: 01 solara started slowly leaking light red fluid on 2001 Toyota Solara

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now today on my way home, there is a 200' path of fluid and when I start the car, there is a rough, loud noise coming near the drive belt area. any ideas? thanks!
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It sounds like you may have a power steering fluid leak. The pump is noisey due to fluid level being low. Add some power steering fluid to the pump reservoir and noise should go back to normal. Then inspect pump, hoses, and steering gear for leaks.
thanks for that... UPDATE: had it towed to my local garage, he tells me the fluid is gone from the radiator. I need a new water pump and the timing belt jumped, so I need a new one of those too!
he also said when the timing jumps, the valves aren't suppose to hit the engine (and bend!), but it may have, which means worst case scenario I need a new engine!!! this is my HS daughters 1st car and she has little money. I need a pro's input fast please!
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That engine is not listed as one that will bend valves. The shop is just trying to be on the safe side in case of thje rare occurance of carbon build up on valves and piston could interfear.
shop just called. we're going to get by with a water pump and timing belt. he says the water pump practically "blew up" . parts and labor 450-500. sound right to you?
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