Q: 0-rings for 1997 chrysler lhs for the metal fuel lines that go into the fuel rail on 1997 Chrysler LHS

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im looking for o-rings for my 1997 chrysler lhs...3.5 liter engine i dont need fuel injector 0-rings i already have them im loking for o-rings for the metal feul lines that go into the fuel rail.. chrysler refuses to sell them they want me to buy 2 fuel rails just so i can get the o-rings i need help thanks
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Most Pro Level parts stores will have an assortment of O-rings. Go to a good NAPA store and bring in a sample and match them.
no they dont carry them...not be rude ..i work on cars they dont stock these o-rings the chrysler dealership wont sell them can some body out help me out no auto part stores carry these for the 1997 chrysler lhs im not slow they just dont carry them e-mail me or call me at 860-763-3362 im paying for insurance on the car that i cant find o-rins for the metal fuel lines that go into the fuel rail ...thankyou for trying to help me but that was a wasted answer i need help
just go to any hardware store and look for an o ring that matches, doesnt have to be any super special OEM o ring. Granted one thats designed for fuel specifically would be nice, but any ole' o ring that matches will do the trick. (been there done that before)
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