Q: . What would the cost of rerprogramming computer be? on 1997 Acura RL

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check engine light on for months. car still drove perfect. finally took to mechanic for diagnostics. came up w/$1250 worth of repairs. Took it elsewhere to get codes. second mechanic said "read error" and couldn't get code. Finally took to certified acura mechanic who said they fried my cpu so he ordered a used one,but was told it had to be reprogrammed. ever since 1st mechanic read codes, car started driving poorly. went from 17 mpg to 10 mpg. how much is cost of reprogram and what does it entail?
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first of all, checking codes does not fry your computer. that fact you have driven the car so long with the light has a lot to do with that.
you may not be able to re program a used one as the vin is burned into the unit.
i would look at a factory reman before a used one. the flashing is about 160.

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