Q: " Gas Gauge Fluctuation. " on 1999 Buick Park Avenue

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I have a problem with my gas needle fluctuating and eventually settling on what may, or, may not be the correct reading. What causes this and what does this indicate ?
(2) Answers
The fault is most likely with the fuel level sensor in the fuel tank. In order to confirm the fault the fuel tank will need to be removed and a resistance check will need to be done on the sensor.
i have a 91 but mine does the same thing. im pretty sure its fine i havent had any trouble just check your gas after it has been parked and turned off for awhile to get an accurate reading and gage how much you use from there. it generally goes up on the highway and drops on any type of hill, so make sure when you're parked it is completely flat to get as close to an accurate reading as possible. hope that helped!
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