Q: @ CLEARING OBDII FOR SMOG on 1998 Mitsubishi Mirage

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Is there any other way of running and resetting monitor to bring system to SMOG READINESS? We performed drive cycle and customer drove @ 200 miles. The OBDII is still reading "NOT READY", incomplete,cannot finalize smog. Everything else, emmisions etc... have passed. Thanks.
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Which monitors have not passed? I'll look then to see what the criteria is to get those monitors passed.
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See if you can get hold of a Technical Service Bulletin 03-13-005 issued by Mitsubishi May 2003, it addresses the problem with this Mirage not passing monitors. I think even calling the Clean Air Research Burea can get you access to this TSB.
none of the monitors have passed pertaining to emmiassions. Thanks.

Thanks I will do that.