Q: # 5 cylinder misfire code on 2006 Chevrolet Colorado

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Check engine light on #5 cylinder misfire on the 3.5 engine
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GM sent out a repair/recall notice on this. they will fix for free if under 100,000 miles. exhaust valve sticking was the issue. Call any gm dealer & they can take care of it.
To be more specific, 5 years and 100000 miles. Mine is in the shop being repaired as we type this note. As long as it codes #5 cylinder misfire, Chevy will fix it at no charge. Mine is an 06 with 64000 miles on it....Sure hope this fixes it. I hate that little skip at lights and the check engine light on all the time....Go Chevy....Love my 06 Extreme Crew Cab...
I am told that to handle this problem I would have to pay as it is not under warranty. $115.00 to check it and the cost to repair the problem. Can you help me with the GM repair/recall. The dealer says that there was no recall for this as being a problem.
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