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Youngblood Chrysler Jeep Nissan Kia
March 08, 2015

I will never take my car to this place ever again. I brought my car in for a simple diagnostic for a low idle and an oil change. Well, once they began the diagnostic they said my spark plugs needed to be replaced and after they did that somehow my car wouldn't start anymore. After waiting in their building for a few hours they eventually told us we could rent a car if we needed transportation instead of providing a loaner like most shops I've been to would. They had my car for four days and continued to add services to my bill without asking me first. They put the wrong information on my bill. The service advisor would never give me a straight answer when I called and would instead just continue saying "We're doing tests" or "Our mechanics have a lot of experience" instead of telling me what they were testing. Eventually, they settled on it being the mass air flow sensor needing to be replaced and did the service before they called me and told me over the phone they could take it back out if need be. When I went to get the car I asked to go over my bill and was instead rushed through it and sent to the cashier. Unfortunately, I had to go to work so I didn't have time to argue over the $1100 price point and I was just glad to have my car back by that time. I was assured by Daniel, the service advisor, multiple times that the car was running just fine now. As soon as I drove off the lot, though, the car began to idle low and act as though nothing had been done to it. My wife, who had been with me through this entire ordeal, called the service manager that night to ask about it and was treated very rudely and told "Your car must have just been on its last legs." We tried speaking to the general manager and he insisted they did the work and since they have the paperwork that I had to sign to get my car back they refuse to do anything about it. I am currently trying to find another mechanic to fix my car right. If you can avoid ever going to this shop definitely avoid it like the plague.

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