Yes it's let's me take it out of park but it won't move anywhere on 1999 Honda Accord

It won't mover wen I put it in reverse or drive wat does that mean

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Shift cable off/loose at trans. , or broken axle or failed trans. Any noise(s) before or after it stopped?
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I would say the right hand side CV joint is broken .did u spin tires in snow or something??
No I went in to hungry Howie pizza and came out to leave a it was like that it would let me reverse
So what did u do ,leave it there?.will it go foward
No I had it towed to my house and no it won't reverse or go forward
I guess , check the trans fluid , it seem strange , u drove it, now nothing,
Ya I've been driving it since Wednesday
Watts mean u just got it wed?
Ya I bought it off my friend