y do my lights dim out
on 1995 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

ok well i replaced the alternator and the battery termenal so i have a good battery conetion but yet when i turn on my hearter my batery gage goes down then my radio and it goes doown and my lights and it goes down but when my radio is on and the bass drops so do the light.. do i need a new battery or is it a gound or what does anyone have and help... plzzzz

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You have a bad battery. Go to wally world and have battery checked. If you don't you will have to buy an alt.
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take the battery and have it checked for a dead cell ,if its not the battery and yer running a system then u might need a bigger alternator .........
t.y ill take it up too auto zone and see if its bad then ill get back to you lol