Wut could cause my car 2 blow white smoke out exh. other than blown head gasket? on 1996 Honda Accord

Yesterday as I was driving to a friends my car started blowing alot of white smoke out of the exhaust. I pulled over and turned off the engine. Tried to see if I was leaking anything, and wasnt. Started it up again, and no white smoke was blowing out, so i pulled into a nearby parking lot to call a tow truck, since I know that its a serious problem. I was told by several people that a blown head gasket could be the cause. So today I purchased a block test kit, but the liquid did not turn yellow. I dont know if it is overheating, since my temp guage hasnt worked for awhile. Going to fix that today. Any other possible causes for the white smoke would be appreciated.

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sounds blown head gasket but you're doing the right thing checking it and fix first the temp gauge. the white smoke is normal the first few minutes you drive, you know if it's bad gasket it will continue seeing smoke when you drive and overheating. i would also do the test again.