Volkswagen Jetta Problem Report

Volkswagen Jetta Wrong Anti-Freeze/Coolant May Cause Heater Core Leaks

(23 reports)

Heater core leaks are common in this model, more so if the wrong anti-freeze/coolant is used in the cooling system.

Heater core failed in 2008. Began leaking when A/C was on quite badly in 2010. Heater failed completely in 2011. Didn't have the $500 which covers the labor (independent garage not VW) to pull the entire dashboard to replace the heater core. Bypassed heater in the meantime. -
coolant leak -
VW Jetta 2008 Wolksburg only use VW coolant -
First leaking from front antifreeze had fixed now heater core spitting antifreeze to inside car -

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