Check Engine Light and Poor Throttle Response on Mercury Montego

A defective electronic throttle body (ETB) can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate and could have limited to no throttle response. Our technicians tall us that replacing the electronic throttle body will commonly correct this concern.

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Average mileage: 123,350 (50,000–210,315)
3 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2007
27 people reported this problem
15 people shared problem details
Wrench light on dash came on. Down with power and up with rpms. Limped it to work and after turning engine off and restarting no further problems until today, then 2x in one day!!! Worried this could cost me!!! A lot!!!
While driving on express ways the car almost shuts down like as if its gonna stop,wrench light and engine light pops up. Cant go over 50 when this happens. Havn't got it fixed. to expensive. think i should get another car.
2005 Mercury Montego100,000
Freequently when shifting from neutral to reverse, or sometimes from neutral to drive, the car surges. It does it more freequently when the engine is hot from driving around (like running errands and backing in and out of parking spaces) Once, we got the wrench light, but it went off after re-starting the car. Once the car went into "limp home mode" but again, after turning it off, letting it cool, and starting it again, it was back to normal. Another time the check engine light came on, so we took it in to have the codes read. The mechanic cleaned the mass air flow sensor as it looked "extra dirty" A couple days later, the problem came back. Now, about a month after the mass air flow sensor was cleaned, we did a lot of stop and go driving, backing in and out of a couple driveways and parking lots, and the check engine light came back on. By the time we could get it to the mechanic, the check engine light was no longer on and of course the mechanic could not get it to duplicate the problem.
2005 Mercury Montego131,000
yellow wrench light comes on which the book says is engine throttle body. Its about a $560 repair which i dont have
check eng and trans light and wrench lights
Electrical Problems out the ying-yang. Car still runs well but kind of annoying and embarrassing with guests in the car.
2005 Mercury Montego145,000
car dies and check engine light comes on. says throttle body.
hesitation in shifting with auto was due for transmission flush. check engine light on. took to dealership and said throttle body needs replaced. wants over $700 to replace. not sure if we should proceed with having the dealership fix it or not.
2006 Mercury Montego147,000
wrench light comes on rpm go up speed down cut engine off restart ok for a while
After many years of "check engine" lights going on and off, finally had to have throttle body assembly replaced after it started over-revving and throwing the engine into the "engine failsafe mode. Replacement by dealer cost over $1,500.
2006 Mercury Montego150,000
Had to replace the thotter control at a cost of $700.00
2005 Mercury Montego167,000
Engine surges especially after it gets hot. Read several reports, that indicate it's a fairly serious problem, light break presser will not stop the car. No accidents yet but concerned about this problem that has persisted for some link of time.
replace throttle body
So for a few days now my car has started jumping forward when stopping. Now this am my car went into limp mode. I am not able to go above 30 miles or so and when you push the pedal, no power or fuel being able to get thru. Wrench light came on, went to auto zone..code 701... Tranny
2006 Mercury Montego178,000
I have the same problem. Took to dealer and need a new Throttle body and software updates. $$$$ About $1,000.00 but...this is the first major repair on this vehicle - why did they stop making the CVT transmission and this line of vehicle
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