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Ford Freestyle Check Engine Light and Poor Throttle Response

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A defective electronic throttle body (ETB) can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate and could have limited to no throttle response. Our technicians tall us that replacing the electronic throttle body will commonly correct this concern.

My when driving the rench light will pop on and the car won't accelerate. The rpm jumps up and the transmission won't switch gears. Idk what to do. I was told my sensors need to be replaced. But I also recently replaced my converter belt. So just trying to find a solution until I can replace the lemon I bought. -
Driving along and the car jerks, wrench light comes on, and pressing the gas pedal does not make the car accelerate. Turning it off for a few minutes fixes the issue for a while and then it happens again. I am concerned for my safety as I am driving at highway speeds when this happens. -
I have 4 lights on in my dash the engine light, abs brake, traction and airbag also the speed odometer quit working and it no longer registers miles.I also have issues with it changing gears it has the cvt transmission and the the rpm go high when it won't change it was bought used but still owe on it the local parts place said it tested a problem in with abs control module so we replaced it and nothing was fixed any one have any ideas what this could be thanks -
wrench light comes on and lose power at start up. turn off car and light goes away for a day or two. eventually the check engine light came on. Took it to shop with DST p2106. After much troubleshooting they want to replace the ETB. Haven't done it yet because they aren't 100% sure it will fix the problem and it's an $800 repair. -
Wrench Light and poor to no acceleration. Following day light hasn't come back on, YET. Have appointment to take car to a Ford Dealership -
Wrench light, check engine, dtc 2100, 2107, 2110. Need part # for electronic body throttle. -
While driving my 2005 ford freestyle on the road, It suddenly turned the wrench light ON and seized acceleration. The car stopped in the middle of the road. I turned OFF the engine and started back ON and wrench light went away. I thought the car might turn back to normal but apparently at 2500 to 3500 RPM, the car is just revving up but no lateral movement on the ground. -
Car parked overnight, starts fine, push the brake and put the car in reverse, nothing happens, drive nothing, low nothing, OBD2 code show's P0701 which says basically nothing but check connection etc. No transmission noises nothing the car has been reliable since we bought it new in 07. Transmission fluid show translucent greenish ready for change of transmission fluid and filters. The Roll resistor needs to be changed, all the normal maintenance has been done. The wrench and MIL engine are on with that code, I really don't think its the Transmission, if its the ETB is that the unit on the gas pedal itself?, I wish I had the pin out tests so i can check myself. Oh yea of course the car is paid for with no warranty. -
left work drove 1/4 of a mile and car jerked while driving at 35 mph, wrench light came on and car didn't seem to accelerate at first but did slightly accelerate so I could get off the road. Turned car off waited a few minutes turned on and light went off. Drove home 10 miles with no issues, but worried this will happen again. -
i have problems with the throttle body. i need replace and the dealer cost is 800.00 -
The check engine light and wrench light comes on, the check engine stays on but once in a blue moon it will shut off for an hour and come back on and the wrench light comes on mostly in the morning. Auto zone says my fuel system cleaner and sensor is showing up. So I guess the wrench light is from my throttle body as I have heard of other ford owners.. This sounds like a ford co. Problem with the freestyles it needs to be reported to them -
Driving car on highway and wrench light came on and car would not accelerate but did buck forward. Turned around and drove it home in low. next morning moved the car and no light came on. Not sure whether to try to drive it to dealer or get it towed. -
Mine stalls and the wrench comes on. It has stalled twice and I called Ford and they said it was a recall. I got it to the Ford Dealer and they called and said the recall does not cover vehicles over 150000 miles on it. I am so disappointed with FORD. They are not trustworthy!!! -
traction ligth ana wrench problem -
Wrench Light on and loose accelaration. Restart of the vehicle fixes the issue temporarily and issues resurfaces. -
My freestyle had no throttle, the wrench light came on, I had to turn the car off and turn it back on. For a while, it worked. Just had to restart it a time or two. Recently, it started stalling, would shake really bad and shut off. It would lunge occassionally too. I actually had to replace my bumper cover because it did so while i was backing out and my bumper hooked on a truck bumper (luckily there was no damage to the other vehicle since i slammed on t he breaks). I took it to the dealership and they recommended cleaning it and reprogramming it. When I picked it up, it ran like it should so I drove to work, parked it and went in. 3 hours later, I got back in and tried to start it, it is now worse than it was when I brought it in. Restarting it does nothing. If I push the accelerator, it does nothing. The rpms dont go any higher, it will shake horribly in drive and shut off. I cant even drive it back to the shop now I will have to get it towed. $300 to clean and "reprogram" it and now its worse than it was before I brought it in! I will never buy a ford again. I went through this a few years ago with a focus and the ignition issues. They produce a sub par product and gouge their customers every chance they get! -
Hot weather low speed driveability issues. Engine races, sometimes stalls. After several trips to dealer with complaints, ford offered a fix--re flash throttle body. Seems to be a good solution so far for past 20k+ miles. Otherwise, an excellent trouble free vehicle for 93k total miles to date. Just maintenance and wear items. -
Not quite a year ago I called Ford Motor Co. Regarding the A/C problem I was having and noticed several other people were too. They asked me a bunch of questions and during the conversation it came up about my car lunging forward several times. I almost ran into my house once. It stopped however I was told that there had been a problem with that part. Take it to my local dealer and it wouldn't cost me anything to have the part replaced. I dud as instructed. The dealer took way longer than they said they would but when I picked up my car I was told they replaced the part and I should be good. I asked about a copy of what they did and was denied that. They said they didn't give a copy for those types of repairs. I get so tired if having to fuss with places for what is right. I was told the record would be kept if there was any problems. Recently I broke down with just me and my child while 30 plus miles from home. My car just acted as if I ran out of gas. Someone I knew pulled in behind me, that was a godsend. We thought maybe my fuel gage went bad, however mind you the digital reading also said I had gas. They went and got gas put in my car still no luck. I had to have my car towed $125.00 I'm thinking thank goodness it wasn't more. I get a call I'm hoping a new fuel filter something nit expensive. Instead I get your throttle body sensor is bad and needs to be replaced. $650.00 just for the part plus $125 fir towing. I see online several places a lot of people are having the same problem. So I call Ford Motor to report in hopes to get a recall or see about a recall. I first confirm about what was my problem back a year ago. It so happens I'm 8 days shy of 12 months. The dealer did not replace low and behold my throttle body sensor. They cleaned it and reset the power control sensor. I was told it was replaced. I had called earlier just to ask if the throttle body sensor could be cleaned to solve my problem. Guess what the dealer said. Now I'm talking to the main cheese over the parts dept. Yes they can be cleaned but 90% of the time it doesn't solve the problem and you have to replace it again. I talked to him before I called Ford to confirm my part should have been replaced since it was under warranty at the time. I'm going to the dealership first thing in the am and me and someone is going to have a cone to Jesus meeting. Ford needs to take care of thus problem and the AC problem. I am curious about the rear breaks situation I jeep reading about. I had to replace my calipers on both sides about three years ago. I heard something about that problem. Actually the lady at Ford Motor was saying something about recalls and problems and said no that's rear breaks. However she wouldn't tell me what was the deal about the rear breaks. Anybody know? Sorry fir the ling post but that's ny experience I'm dealing with almost a year later that should have been fixed -
The wrench warning light comes on. There isn't any code if you go to the nearest auto parts store and have the code read because they tell you that you have to shut off the engine to see if the it rests. I told the the mechanic it seems to happen when I cruise controlling at 65 miles per hour and going up hill and the RPMs hit 3,000 or more and the transmission doesn't shift gears. The dealer had the car for a week and drove it 100 miles and couldn't get the wrench to come on. -
yup same here. Its like owning a BMW way too much service and repairs required -
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