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  • Garvin Wray, Owner
  • Established 1986
  • 2 Auto Repair Mechanics on Staff
  • 1 ASE Certified Auto Technician
  • 64 Years of Car Repair Experience

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by - Verified Customer May 15, 2017

Been going to Wray's for over 20 years. Always recommend him to those needing car repairs.

by - Verified Customer May 01, 2017

Always very satisfied with the experience with Wray's and would and have recommend them to anyone looking for a fair and honest repair.

by - Verified Customer April 27, 2017

Excellent service and price.

by - Verified Customer April 26, 2017

Helpful, Courteous and knowledgeable. Would recommend.

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by - Verified Customer April 23, 2017

Came in earlier than my appointment time was and no time was wasted getting the car up on the lift and the service getting done in a very professional manner.

by - Verified Customer April 18, 2017

I was very satisfied with the work done on my car.

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by - Verified Customer April 17, 2017

Best mechanic around! Very professional and honest.

by - Verified Customer April 11, 2017

Have always liked bring my cars & trucks here. If something goes wrong with the repair, they always make it right!!

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by - Verified Customer April 10, 2017

My husband had transmission work done and then I had a minor repair made on my vehicle. A good and honest repair shop.

by - Verified Customer April 06, 2017

Extremely helpful, respectful and friendly....Garvin was great.

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by - Verified Customer March 29, 2017

Everything was Great.

by - Verified Customer March 28, 2017

Honest and fair.

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by - Verified Customer March 28, 2017

Everyone at the shop was very helpful and professional, the job was well done.

by - Verified Customer March 20, 2017

I had them check my Brakes. They told me the pads were fine and I didn't need New pads a this point. They easily could have pushed me for New pads and turned Disks and I would have done it but they were honest. They always do a good job.

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by - Verified Customer March 16, 2017

He does a good job.

by - Verified Customer March 13, 2017

Did all work to my satisfaction but did not put my battery hold down back on. It is missing. Haven't had the chance to talk to them about it. Very busy.

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by - Verified Customer March 06, 2017

Excellent service. Car was done prior to promised time. Excellent job of giving estimates of future services required.

by - Verified Customer February 28, 2017

I am pretty new to the area and wanted a shop that can do repairs for my entire family we have 3 cars.This is the first time I have used this shop for car repair. After getting a quote from Garvin the owner for a air conditioning issue I went to another shop that did my oil changes to get a second opinion. They quoted me at 2x the price including work that was not needed. I let Garvin do the work and the air conditioner works great so far. As a women almost 50 going to a shop is stressful because you don't always know if the shop is honest. I felt Garvin was honest and explained things to me in a way I could understand and just did work I needed with no heavy pressure to up charge me for unnecessary work. We will continue to go back for repairs.

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by - Verified Customer February 20, 2017

The service was great. We are in Virginia and our son is in college in Florida. His car needed service and he has taken it to the shop twice. The mechanic called us in Virginia to inform us what work needed to be done and the quote.

by - Verified Customer February 15, 2017

they did good work at a fair price.

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by - Verified Customer February 12, 2017

Honest, knowledgeble shop.

by - Verified Customer February 10, 2017

Trustworthy dependable people that look out for the customer

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by - Verified Customer February 09, 2017

Outstanding service. Excellent problem diagnosis and response for emergency repairs. Continues to be my primary auto service provider.

by - Verified Customer February 02, 2017

I dropped off my van for oil change and they called when it was done

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by - Verified Customer January 27, 2017

Garvin is always forthright and honest about my vehicle problems. The shop in general is generally very speedy about getting my car and truck back on the road. Definitely plan to go back if/when the need arises

by - Verified Customer December 27, 2016

Always happy with this company

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by - Verified Customer December 27, 2016

Everything great , car was finished two days sooner then expected

by - Verified Customer December 18, 2016

Reliable and trustworthy repair shop.

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by - Verified Customer December 12, 2016

First time customer very pleased with personal service

by - Verified Customer December 08, 2016

Always the best.

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by - Verified Customer December 01, 2016

Thank you!

by - Verified Customer November 30, 2016

I will be back for work on my car anytime very friendly customer service and excellent work.

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by - Verified Customer November 17, 2016

Fast service. performed by knowing and polite folks!

by - Verified Customer November 13, 2016

They are the best.

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by - Verified Customer November 08, 2016

A respectable and honest auto repair shop. I have always felt glad that there was a shop like Wray's where you know you will be charged a fair price and the work will be done right the first time.

by - Verified Customer November 04, 2016

I have known them for several years and the work is always performed correctly and communication is always foremost.

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by - Verified Customer November 02, 2016

It was very good

by - Verified Customer September 24, 2016

The owner was wonderful. Thank you I will be back!

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by - Verified Customer September 23, 2016

Garvin is the best. Wray's Auto Service provides such great customer service. It is a pleasure doing
business with them.

by - Verified Customer September 22, 2016

We know we can count on Garvin to keep our car running. He and the guys who work with him do a great job.

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by - Verified Customer September 19, 2016

I have been taking my cars and RV to Wray's for many years, and I wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Garvin does great work, is fair and courteous, and as honest as the day is long!

by - Verified Customer September 14, 2016

When you leave any mechanic shop with no complaints and some money remaining in your wallet you can thank honest and ethical business practices for that. That's a sure sign you should return for future car auto repairs.

Recommending this shop is without question. ....WRAY'S AUTO SERVICE is one of those shops that just feels right... because it is.

An A+ recommendation from this customer.

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by - Verified Customer September 09, 2016

They did a great job!

by - Verified Customer September 08, 2016

Garvin is always helpful. His son is very knowledgeable about my diesel vehicle.

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by - Verified Customer September 08, 2016

I have always been satisfied that I am being treated fairly.

by - Verified Customer September 07, 2016

His shop is not pretentious, but Garvin Wray is a "straight shooter," who will give you honest evaluations of your vehicle's status, and certainly conscientious service on that vehicle.

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by - Verified Customer August 13, 2016

We took my wife's car in for a/c repair, they were very honest and serviced immediately. I work in the residential a/c field and did not have the time to service it, they didn't try to overcharge like a lot of shops will. We are very happy and will definitely use them again.

by - Verified Customer August 12, 2016

Fast, accurate, but a little expensive.

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by - Verified Customer August 10, 2016

Always helpful and honest.

by - Verified Customer August 06, 2016

Excellent service in a timely manner.

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by - Verified Customer August 02, 2016

My Suburban needed a starter. I got excellent consumer service. They were honest and a very good price.

by - Verified Customer July 25, 2016

Explained issues to Garvin and dropped off vehicle. He wrote down all issues and called with estimate on repair of AC and brakes. Job was completed on time and cost. Always happy with work that is done by Wray's. Never have to bring car back to redo repairs.

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by - Verified Customer July 12, 2016

Honest, repairs at a fair price.

by July 11, 2016

Knowledge courtesy and honesty that are what I like

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by - Verified Customer July 06, 2016

Very professional and curious!

by - Verified Customer July 01, 2016

Just had an oil change, but was done by in a professional and timely manner.

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by - Verified Customer June 29, 2016

Did a great job, work preformed as asked in the time said.

by June 28, 2016

Always very friendly and they get the job done fast and efficiently.

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by - Verified Customer June 27, 2016

People you can trust.

by - Verified Customer June 20, 2016

Very happy with service and price.

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by - Verified Customer June 01, 2016

Intelligently addressed the problem missed by Toyota.

by - Verified Customer May 27, 2016

Honesty and correct information. Upfront advice on time and cost of repair. No pressure to follow advice.

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by - Verified Customer May 27, 2016

Garvin did a good job on our car. Fair price. Nice guy.

by - Verified Customer May 26, 2016

Excellent service delivered in a timely manner.

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by - Verified Customer May 20, 2016

Repair was done above my expectations. Part of the service could not be performed so I was notified and consequently I was not charged for that part of the repair.

by - Verified Customer May 18, 2016

He did the job. I was pleased.

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by April 18, 2016

I was pleased with them.

by - Verified Customer April 13, 2016

They performed an alignment for me.

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by - Verified Customer April 11, 2016

Excellent service, reasonable cost, professional business.

by - Verified Customer April 09, 2016

They are very friendly and honest.

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by - Verified Customer April 07, 2016

Friendly without being pushy. Great service!

by - Verified Customer April 07, 2016

Excellent and honest service is always provided by Wray's.

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by - Verified Customer April 04, 2016

We've been using Wray's for over 20 years. Always honest, always gets the job done, fair prices, good communication.

by - Verified Customer March 17, 2016

Honest, quality work, fast.

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by - Verified Customer March 17, 2016

Garvin Wray, his son and mechanics have been professional and experts in all fields of auto mechanics. I have an Infiniti, Mustang GT ,Kia Sedona and modified 2006 Pontiac GTO. They do quality work on all my cars and I would not let anyone else work on them. They are respectful of your property and treat it as so. They ensure you are 100% satisfied before leaving. My GTO is my baby and I don't let anyone work on it except Wray's Auto Service. Quality work as expected.

by - Verified Customer March 14, 2016

Good work at a fair price.

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by - Verified Customer March 14, 2016

Garvin is a very honest person when it comes to being a mechanic. He explains things that need to be done in great detail. When I drop my car off to him he take me back to my home which is a big plus for me. This shop is very very exceptional more should be like him.

by - Verified Customer March 10, 2016

They were able to see me next day, performed a repair and additional maintenance at reasonable cost. Explained things well, kept in constant communication and were very accommodating.

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by - Verified Customer March 05, 2016

They are honest and always make sure the repair is right.

by - Verified Customer March 02, 2016

Superior workmanship.

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by - Verified Customer March 02, 2016

Great service and honest.

by - Verified Customer March 01, 2016

Excellent service, friendly technician, they made sure our car was fixed right when no other competitors could.

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by - Verified Customer February 19, 2016

Great service and expert car mechanics.

by - Verified Customer February 16, 2016

I like their knowledge, skill, ability & professionalism.

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by - Verified Customer February 16, 2016

Mr. Wray has always been honest, fair with pricing, and does good work.

by - Verified Customer February 15, 2016

The owner was fair, offered me a ride home, then after it was repaired picked me up.

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by - Verified Customer February 13, 2016

Garvin is the best!

by February 06, 2016

Excellent service. Highly knowledgeable.

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by - Verified Customer February 06, 2016

Fair and honest consultation and service.

by - Verified Customer February 05, 2016

The price was fair. Everything was written up on paper so I could make a choice of what I wanted to do and when I could fit it into my budget.

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by - Verified Customer February 04, 2016

I received excellent service. All work done on friendly and timely basis.

by February 02, 2016

I like their quality service.

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by - Verified Customer February 02, 2016

Always respectful, helpful and honest.

by - Verified Customer January 30, 2016

I like their honesty.

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by - Verified Customer January 28, 2016

Awesome service.

by - Verified Customer January 28, 2016

Excellent service and fair prices.

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by - Verified Customer January 27, 2016

Garvin and his help are very friendly.

by - Verified Customer May 07, 2013

Wray's Auto is an excellent service repair shop. They have always been able to fulfill our service needs. Very honest, courteous, and on the repair time they try to do it as quickly as possible.

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by - Verified Customer May 04, 2013

Very pleased with work done, extremely friendly, and done when promised.

by May 04, 2013

I have taken my truck to Wray's on three separate occasions and have always received great service. The staff is very helpful and accommodated me on when I could bring my vehicle in. Prices are very reasonable. I would definitely recommend Wray's Auto Service to a Friend.

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by May 03, 2013

Garvin and his team at Wray's Auto do great work at fair prices. I will never go to anyone else for my repairs.

by - Verified Customer April 29, 2013

Was the most honest and proficient repair shop in Pinellas and Pasco County. If you have a problem with your car, take it there. It's the most honest car repair shop I've ever seen anywhere. That's it.

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by April 29, 2013

The owner/operator, Garvin Wray, is a genuine, honest man, very knowledgeable about vehicles, who has been my only mechanic for 16 years. I trust him with the 5 cars in our family (mine, my wife's and my 3 daughters). He has NEVER to my knowledge recommended unnecessary work. In fact, recently, I told him to do only repairs on my 2 college daughters' cars to make them safe and reliable--other issues we would live with. That's exactly what Garvin did! He is not only honest Garvin is knowledgeable. Many times I have called him with a description of my car problem. Most every call he diagnosed the problem over the phone before even seeing the vehicle. For his honesty and competance I am loyal to this outstanding business owner/operator.

by April 29, 2013

Garvin at Wray's automotive always completes work timely, same day turnaround in most cases and for easier repairs just an hour or so. Price is always fair and you do not feel taken advantage of or pressured into repairs that are not needed. As a woman that is important to me since i always feel that other repair shops try to sell me unnecessary expensive repairs.

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by April 26, 2013

Wray's has been repairing all of our vehicles for 10+ years and I highly recommend them to all of our friends and neighbors. Being local and convenient for us, we receive wonderful customer service and have full trust and confidence in their work.

by April 26, 2013

When you take your car to a mechanic for repairs, you have to trust him because he knows more about cars than you do. You can trust Garvin to deal with you honestly and not to try to upsell you on unneeded or unnecessary repairs. That is what keeps bringing me back.

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by - Verified Customer April 25, 2013

Very affordable fast service. I'm highly satisfied with the repair.

by - Verified Customer April 25, 2013

He's a good mechanic. I had no problems.

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by April 11, 2013

I've been using Wray's for so long we've become friends and stayed that way for over 20 years. As anyone knows, if a friend cheats you, you don't stay friends. He's a good guy who does good work.

by April 09, 2013

I was recommended by a family friend, who said this auto shop was very honest and transparent. I have to agree that I found them to be so.

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by April 05, 2013

An honest automotive repair company that does quality work. I highly recommend them.

by March 21, 2013

Never had a complaint. If service could be better, I don't know how. Prices have always been satisfactory, and they do NOT. Pressure you for unnecessary parts or services. Office and all are are friendly and competent,

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by March 12, 2013

I am very happy with all the work I have had done at Wray's Auto Service. I have used them for my repairs for several years and will continue to do so.

by March 09, 2013

Awesome experience...Great staff. Very clean and organized shop.. A+++++.

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by February 11, 2013

Wrays is my "go to" repair shop. I bring all of my vehicles there and have always received top notch service

by February 01, 2013

Very nice staff. Quality work. Timely scheduling.

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Wray's Auto Service, Inc. has been serving the community of Holiday since 1986. Garvin Wray, the owner, has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry and is an ASE Certified Master Technician. Our team found this Certified Shop have two technicians, one is ASE Master Certified and they receive frequent training to keep up to date on current automotive technology. They have the automotive tools and computer diagnostic equipment we would expect to see in a professional repair shop. They offer a 24 month / 24000 mile warranty for your peace of mind. Shuttle service, early bird drop off, and wireless internet are available on site.



  • AC/Heating
  • Alignment
  • Check Engine Light
  • Classic Car Repair/Restoration
  • Diagnosis
  • Muffler & Exhaust
  • Oil Change & Lube
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Service & Repair
  • Timing Belts
  • Tire Sales/Repair
  • Transmission Repair
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Wray's Auto Service Inc. of Holiday, FL is a state certified business offering complete, professional auto repair solutions including brake repair, engine diagnostics, air conditioning, transmission rebuilding, and more - all at competitive rates. We have been repairing foreign and domestic brands of autos since 1986, giving us not only experience but expertise as well. Expect friendly service, expert repairs, and quality workmanship for we believe you deserve nothing less. We'll get you back on the road in no time..

Learn More About Wray's Auto Service Inc.:
- General auto repair
- Brake system specialist
- Alignment
- RV service
- Engine diagnostics
- Fuel injection
- Engines - rebuilding and replacing
- Air conditioning
- Automatic transmission rebuilding
- Carburetion specialist
- Toyota Truck Axle Bearing Service

At Wray's Auto Service Inc., our ASE certified auto technicians are experienced, knowledgeable, and prepared to exceed your expectations. Come join the long line of o


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  • Chevrolet
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • FIAT
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Geo
  • Honda
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Questions Answered by Wray's Auto Service
It idles fine
It idles fine
Plus is replacing the transmission tailsha...
Possibilities: Separated tire, transmission mount failure, incorrect u-joint installation, driveshaft assembled out of phase, ( if it is a two piece shaft ), transmission issue, bent or damaged wheel, wheel fit to axle incorrect.
come out it does not start or turn over no...
Sorry, while We cannot diagnose your vehicle without an on-site diagnosis, I would recommend a battery and charging system test, and a starter test, also possible faulty terminal connections, Please let us know if we can help you! Thank You !
So I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring coupe 3....
Sir: without more information, It would be hard for us to diagnose that issue, it could be an engine ignition missfire, fuel injector issue, transmission torque convertor problem, or even a tire balance or separation or worn steering components, or even a worn strut assembly, if you are in our area, ( Holiday ), stop by for a free evaluation, and we would be happy to help ! Thank You, Garvin @ Crew @ Wrays Auto.
The "wrench " indicator means there is a diagnostic Trouble Code in memory, and since your cruise control also has failed, the most likely solution would involve replacement of the " clockspring assembly", but before you replace anything, a complete diagnosis should be done. Thank You, Garvin @ Crew @ Wrays Auto Service.
I had to replace the fuel filter and main ...
Vehicle Owner: Possibilities: Ignition system problem, Involving Plugs, Coils, Triggering components, or Fuel Management System Issue, Computer, Including Fuel Injectors, Input Data Sensors, or a Mechanical problem, such as a broken valve spring, and with all of those possibilities, you can see that a Professional Diagnosis would be your best investment to evaluate the vehicle and make an informed decision concerning its repair.
Thank You, Garvin @ Crew @ Wrays Auto Service.
They stay on whether the car is on or off....
The brake light switch is located above the brake pedal, and as several of your respondents have answered,
the brake light switch plunger touches a " cushion" which is made of a plastic that crumbles with age, ( you will find pieces of it on the floor mat ), resulting in the brake light always on condition. the light panel on the trunk panel is most likely a led design, and in most cases must be replaced as an assembly.
The fuel pump is located in the fuel tank.You said the fuel solenoid has failed ? do you mean one of the evap system control solenoids ? If the fuel pump had failed, the vehicle would not start and run.
Seems to be uncertain of what great it wan...
If the overdrive lamp is flashing it should have a Trouble Code in memory, what type of scan tool are they using ? a generic scan tool may not communicate with the transmission information which is available with a better scan tool, such as a Snap-On verus or Autel MaxiSys.
Ive replaced fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel ...
To answer your question; would require a systematic diagnosis, which which would certainly cost much less than what you have already spent, and give you a direct path to a solution!
Ck coolent and it go to 260 then it backs ...
sir: Sounds like your Volkswagen my be low on coolant, you cannot depend on the coolant level in the reservoir to indicate the coolant level in the engine itself. If the overheating happens with coolant loss, the engine may have a failed hose radiator, water pump, core plug leaking or a failed headgasket or cracked cylinder head.does the engine missfire and/or have white exhaust ?
Possibly the guage unit failed with the normal surge when the replacement was disconnected, it has happened to us,
with a miffed customer as a result, things happen with electronics, Plus seeing your vehicle, we have had to send
many instrument clusters our for repair of that make, model & year,the servo motors in those clusters are certainly prone to failure. There is an authorized Delco reman facility who repairs those clusters locally, their name is Techni-Car, and they are located in Oldsmar.
I have to move the gear back in forth to w...
Possible restricted transaxle filter, but, if it is restricted, replacement may at best only buy a little more time, for the restriction is usally caused by flaking clutch material, indicating a pending rebuild situation.
This indicator came on while driving last ...
Electronic suspension control issue, requiring dealer service due to the special proprietary tools and equipment which almost no one in the aftermarket repair industry can justify purchasing.
I have to switch the wire harness and comp...
According to the interchange information that I have researched, only a 1998 to 2001 engine will work
in this application. be careful with this, because some crankshaft / sensor configuration conflicts will
result in a no start issue.
Vehicle Owner: The symptom which you describe could be due to low engine coolant level.
The coolant level in the coolant reservoir is not always an accurate indicator of the
coolant level in the cooling system. Any leak in the cooling system may allow coolant
to boil off out of the radiator without lowering the level in the reservoir. visually check the coolant level in the radiator by removing the pressure cap, ( with a cool engine only ! ).
Sir: we need more information for us to help you, is the engine overheating
or misfiring ? The. 6.0 Ford Diesel can be very powerful and can be made reliable,
But it has a list of common failures: egr cooler, oil cooler, head gaskets,
High pressure oil pump, & fuel injector failures are common, we do a full diagnostic
Before making any decisions, in order to minimize surprises, and give our customer
All the information we can so he can make an informed decision about a pending repair .
Please let us know if we can be of service !
I was driving along and went to slow down ...
Yes, the problem may be the master cylinder, or low engine vacuum, restricted vacuum port, restricted vacuum hose, faulty booster, loose front wheel bearing(s), internally collapsed front brake hoses, binding caliper slides, etc.
Sorry, I would need more information to diagnose that issue, but, if you could come by our shop, we can give you a free estimate ! - (727)-937-2902, Thank You !
Security light blinking and car will start...
Do you have another key ? a flashing security LAMP INDICATES A SECURITY SYSTEM ISSUE, ( VEHICLE ANTI-THEFT ).
the issue may be the key itself, or a faulty transponder, instrument panel cluster or module failure.
It gets hot then cools keeps doing that wh...
We are happy to help, but please, we cannot possibly give an accurate
diagnosis with such limited information! Has the engine ever been overheated ?
If so, a failing cylinder head gasket may allow combustion gasses to enter
the cooling system and prevent proper coolant circulation. Is the radiator fan coming on ?
Feel free to call our shop, 727-937-2902, ask for Garvin or Justin, Thank You!
Vehicle Owner: We would have to connect a data enabled scan tool to
monitor cooling system information and pin-test the cooling fan
circuit to answer your question; you could check for power and ground
at the engine cooling fan, with the ac on, to see if the cooling fan
motor has failed, the cooling fan on your vehicle used several data inputs,
including ac system pressure, to control its operation. sorry, it is not
simple to diagnose vehicles any more. We could diagnose the issue for
no more than a one hour labor charge of $74.50. Thank You !
broke where can I get the cables
Ford sells the cables with the latch as an assembly
For most applications, we have had excellent results
Having a former motorcycle shop owner build
Replacement cables to avoid the expense of
Dealer supplied parts in several cases, we searched
For an online source with no luck, and considered
Becoming an online supplier !
Car stop running and has no power when, u ...
Need more information ! Battery voltage ? Does the
Engine crank ? Fuel pressure ? Does the PCM
Communicate with a scan tool? Does it have a
Crank signal ?
Recall information is available online, the primary concern on a Cadillac of that vintage is
( # 1 ) cylinder head gasket failure, ( # 2 ), engine oil leaks.
the PROBLEM could be: vacuum leak, faulty tps, binding throttle or throttle linkage, faulty processor,
faulty pcv valve or vacuum harness, faulty coolant temp sensor, bad ground, low voltage, faulty alternator,
A professional technician is always the best and cheapest route to the resolution of the problem.
Possible failed engine mounts, driveline slack, ( faulty axles ), internal gear component wear, or:
The transmission controller raises line pressure in response to a failure indication, ( slipping ),
this is accomplished using an Electronic Pressure Control solenoid, which normally changes line pressures
due to different engine loads, & gear ratios selected by the driver, including reverse. The EPC may stick in a high pressure position with debris contamination, which is only resolved with transaxle rebuilding or replacement.
Recommend consulting a professional technician.
I tested solenoid it has 16 ohms resistanc...
Possibilities: Faulty ground, faulty transmission control module, wiring harness issue, connector issue, faulty throttle position sensor, Recommend consulting a professional certified technician / repair facility.
the Vacuum Gauge that tells miles per gall...
Possibilities: fuse, ignition switch, wiring harness, faulty ground, power supply, consulting a professional technician is usually the least expensive, most cost effective solution to the problem.
Vehicle Owner: Sorry, we need more information to offer a possible solution ! any good Auto Technician
would start with an interview of the customer, getting all the information about the failure, repair history, maintenance schedules,scan tool, check for communication & diagnostic trouble codes, test the battery voltage, check fluid levels and condition, check fuel pressure, & check the ignition systems operation, We make our diagnoses based on test results, not a guess.
vehicle will intermitently start and shut...
Lab Scope ignition & fuel pump relay control circuits, to determine which goes away first. does it have an aftermarket security system ?
2002 sable ,replaced motor due to hydro lo...
There are some really good technicians in this business, but I don't know of any who are able to
diagnose a vehicle effectively without test information, that being said, check for a vacuum leak, mis-routed spark plug wires, missing or incorrectly placed grounds, mis-routed vacuum hoses, loose or cracked intake duct,
ignition system issues, or fuel injector connections & harness routing. Good Luck !
when I just turn the key to start after pu...
Owner, It sounds like the engine is trying to operate with too much fuel, this could be caused by a host of possible faults, including faulty fuel injector, faulty oxygen sensor, coolant sensor circuit open, possible evap system fault, Hint: never add more fuel after nozzle shuts off when filling tank.
I removed the battery when it read 6V with...
Vehicle Owner/Engineer;
1 > A GOOD BATTERY in a state of discharge should not measure less than 9.6 volts,
from what you have posted I suspect that you do not have a viable battery.
2 > I therefore suspect that there is no other issue with this vehicle, which,
when running with a good battery should have 13.7 to 14.9 DC volts indicated across
the battery terminals, indicating a good DC charging system voltage.
3 > To test for a parasitic draw, an inductive ammeter should be used, and individual
circuits can be checked by removing fuses to isolate them,
4 > I do not know of any published specification for a resistance test across the
( disconnected ) battery terminals, but with all of the circuits involved, I would not
consider that reading a problem.
5 > That is a somewhat simplified explanation, there may be other issues , such as a failed rectifier
internal to the alternator, which in some cases may indicate a suitable charging voltage, but can cause other problems, such as a discharged battery, or even engine performance problems, this can be diagnosed by checking for AC ripple across the battery with the engine running, or with a lab scope.
Check engine light comes on even though ca...
Automotive Software updates require an OEM Scan Tool or a J-2534 Pass-Thru Device, and a subscription to an OEM Download Location, your symptoms describe a default to Limp-In, which is a built-in strategy to protect the transmission hardware. This can be caused by: an intermittent connection, faulty ground, faulty relay, faulty transmission control module, network issue, failing speed or pressure sensor, overheating transaxle, etc.
It will start and run great till it hits a...
OWNER: V-6 ? If so, check the foil-covered wiring harness between the block-mounted rear crank sensor
to the ignition module, pull it out & open it, you may find the wire insulation has failed allowing these two
wires to touch, if so; there-in lies the problem, we have found and repaired several of these.
new coil, cam sensor, crank sensor, fuel f...
Owner: For about $50.00 or less, you can buy an OBDII Generic scan tool @ an auto parts store,
which is not a bad investment, plug it in & look @ data, while cranking you should see a RPM reading of 300 to 600, next check for spark by removing a plug wire & put a screwdriver in the end of the wire & position it next to a ground, crank and you should see spark, if you do, check for fuel pressure with a fuel pressure guage,or, end the agony and tow it to a qualified shop and get it fixed !
The has began to stutter a little while in...
owner: Po441 indicates a problem with the evaporative emissions system, the purpose
of this code is to give the technician a diagnostic path for the most efficient diagnostic
procedure, the code definition does not pinpoint a specific component. The most likely cause is a
split hose connection on one of the control solenoids, but there are a host of other possibilities.
Good professional technicians never diagnose a vehicle based on a code, rather, they follow a diagnostic procedure
which starts with the code for direction.
When I put the car in drive it goes away.
Vehicle owner: The solution may be engine and/or transaxle mount(s) replacement, or
possible transmission or exhaust problem, like a failed catalytic convertor, or exhaust hanger,
Most shops, including this one, would give you a free estimate for this issue.
Replaced my battery cables my battery and ...
Owner: Does the vehicle perform normally ? Is it overheating ? Are all fluid levels good ?
Was the Battery connected backwards, even for a second ?
Having brake problem can't keep em on ...
Owner: Odometer reading on this vehicle? If it is high mileage, over 100,000, with
the original calipers, there is a good possibility that the brake calipers or caliper slides, or both, are causing the pads to wear out prematurely, other causes: master cylinder compensating port restricted, internally collapsed brake hoses,abs hcu problem, extremely aggressive driving habits, or driving with both feet!
Evap system engine light on not showing a ...
Owner: I do not believe a restricted fuel filter would have anything to do with an evap code or light on
condition, I would recommend a complete evap system test, fuel cap test, & smoke test.The scan should be done with a vehicle specific scan tool. The scan tool used by aftermarket automotive part supply stores is a "generic" or
OBD Global scan tool, and it may not show " pending " codes, which may give the tester the impression of no codes.
idle rough
Owner / Operator; This one can separate the Techs from o-zoners, possible causes:
restricted fuel filter, faulty fuel pump. faulty mass air flow sensor, contaminated
mass air flow sensor, leaking intake manifold gasket, air induction pipe leak,
leaking pcv vacuum harness, faulty brake booster, or leaking throttle body gasket.
Contaminated / restricted fuel injectors also may be an issue. Only systematic
troubleshooting by a trained, experienced, & equipped technician
will arrive at the best, most cost effective solution.
Today is did it again for about 10 minutes...
Owner: Possibilities: Open /AC Compressor clutch coil, faulty relay, faulty pressure switch, AC control assembly, ECM, or low refrigerant charge.
After runnin for 15 min how can i get all ...
Allow the engine to cool, when you can easily squeeze the upper radiator hose, ( one hour or so ),
remove the pressure cap & add a 50/50 mix of coolant and water w/valve open, operate the engine with the valve open until only liquid is leaking out, then top off the radiator and the reservoir. ( if this vehicle has a 2.7 liter engine, it does not fare well when overheated, headgasket failure is common ).
All other seat functions work. Base moves ...
Owner: We would have to see the vehicle to answer your question, testing the seat control switch would be our first step in the diagnosis of this problem.
does it in all gears I've replaced wir...
Owner: Check engine light on ? Diagnostic Trouble code ? There are several possible
causes for this symptom,including: Low fuel pressure, weak spark, throttle position sensor failure,
contaminated or faulty mass air flow sensor, if equipped, map sensor, if equipped,
restricted catalytic convertor, etc. Cheapest fix? get a professional diagnosis by a Certified
Technician, Expensive fix? buy a lot of parts you may not need !
It also ran hot and wouldnt start after that
Owner, You are speaking of a Northstar 4.6 L V-8; which has a reputation for failed
cylinder head gaskets, especially when overheated, also has a lot of crank sensor failures,
A Scan tool needs to be used to check data, look for an RPM Signal when cranking, Also,
check for coolant contamination in the engine oil, compression test, and fuel pressure
should be tested with a GUAGE, not by how far it squirts.
I just replaced my rear passenger side ABS...
Owner: You may clear it with a Scan Tool, or, by disconnecting the NEGATIVE
battery cable for 30 seconds, in which case you will lose your radio presets
& engine idle & learned fuel adaptives, which is no big deal, Also, you radio
may have a security code which has to be entered before it will work.
Keeps blowing the spark plug out
Owner: Your Sable can be repaired, more than likely without removing the head, with a thread insert as described to you, cost would depend on the offending plugs' location.
Truck was running rough so I replaced all ...
Owner: And the code is ? - clean the throttle body, carefully !, with throttle body cleaner and a toothbrush, electronic throttles can be damaged with too much cleaner, if it should penetrate around the throttle shaft(s)
( no provision exists for idle adjustment, the pcm controls the idle speed, and does a fine job of it, provided there are no vacuum leaks and all sensors are in range ).
Just had the intake gasket replaced
Is the check engine light on ? - if so, the code is ? Possibilities: insufficient fuel pressure, loose ground,
disconnected or open coolant temp sensor,damaged wiring, faulty crank sensor or cam sensor, incorrect spark plug wire routing, vacuum leak, fouled spark plugs, faulty fuel pressure regulator, sorry, but many things can cause those symptoms.
I am trying to purchase a 2001 jaguar S th...
Sorry Sir, A driveability issue described as such could be due to one of many possible faults,
I would have to be clairvoyant to answer that without having the vehicle in the shop for analysis.
Car just will not start up, it try's b...
As you were advised: A failed timing belt is a good possibility, does it seem to be cranking over with a different sound ? like it is cranking too fast ?, if so, your Toyota has what is called an interference engine, which means when the timing belt fails, a high possibility of internal damage has resulted, co$ting several hundred dollars to repair. Of, course, other issues may be: failed fuel pump, failed fuel pump relay, failed ignition system component, wiring, or some other electrical or computer issue. The timing belt is one of the most overlooked, but very important, maintenance items which will bite the owner if not replaced in a timely manner.
This is now the second time in 2 months si...
Owner: Possible faults : Transmission / Torque Convertor control issue, Idle air control, Crank Sensor, low fuel pressure, dirty throttle body, the list goes on, - sorry, we test components and systems to find the solution, & we need the vehicle for that.If I had the vehicle here I would monitor the operating data with a scan tool & take a data movie with the problem happening, then graph it out to find the fault.
I have the 02 concord with the overheating...
OWNER: Possible cylinder head gasket failure or loose water pump impeller, or loose timing belt, 3.5 engine or 2.7 engine ?
Fluid on ground when car is running .
Answer: $600.00 to $700.00, price may vary due to belt condition, quantity of coolant, & grade of parts used.
I don't have a manual.
Answer: The radio fuse for a 1995 Ford Explorer is located in fuse position # 11 in the interior
fuse panel, which is located in the Driver's side Kickpanel of the vehicle.
is it a computer problem
Owner, With the vehicle running, is the check engine light on?, when you try to start it, does it crank over?
If you can drive it by, we will give you an inspection @ no charge, we just need a lot more information
before we can answer your question, Thank You !
Labor is $178.80, which includes a Diagnostic, in order to confirm the fault, &
a New Throttle Body Assembly w/gasket is $486.31, for a total of $604.67, with a nationwide two year,
24,000 mile warranty.
My car is now in the shop and I would like...
Yes Sir; That price is actually within reason, the part lists for $272.61, ( which may have changed ),
and the labor guide says 2.4 hours, which should be approx. $200.00, ( depending on their labor rate ),
plus sales tax.
It happens occasionally, no codes or diagn...
Owner: Researched this issue, Possibilities are endless, but these are the most common, missing camshaft timing actuator screens, & PCM failures.
Owner: Does the keyless entry work ? If you are using the vehicle without using the key fob to lock and unlock the doors, the security lamp will remain illuminated after starting the vehicle. This is the most likely cause, there are other failures which can cause this symptom.
Owner: If the airflow volume is good, and there is no odor problem, you do not have to clean the evaporator.
Evaporator cleaning is more often needed when pets are in the vehicle, or if it is operated in very dusty conditions, or if an odor is noticed.
Ran fine for a few weeks and engine light ...
Owner; Have you had this vehicle scanned ? and the code is ? Causes of a rough idle could be: Motor mounts,
vacuum leak, dirty throttle body, contaminated mass air flow sensor, unequal engine compression, secondary ignition issue,fuel injection issue,oxygen sensor failure, head gasket failure, transmission torque convertor problem,engine mechanical timing problem, A quality engine performance diagnostic is always the best place to start, before purchasing parts you may not benefit from. Good Luck, and have a Happy Thanksgiving !
I am due for an oil change and it knocks f...
Owner: Possible causes for engine noise of this type: Neglected maintenance,ie:low engine oil level, incorrect viscosity oil, overheat damage,worn / loose timing chain or faulty tensioner /guides,sludge contamination, restricted oil pump screen, also: cracked flywheel, loose flywheel to torque convertor bolts, faulty serpentine
belt(s), serpentine belt tensioner, or accessory bearing issue.
Owner: Possible return hose o-ring failure, this allows air to be pulled into the system,
and the noise is a result of cavitation in the pump, with low pressure, giving the impression of no assist.
( A lot of power steering pumps are sold to correct this issue, and that is not necessary ).
All compression tests check out!
Owner: Was the vehicle diagnosed before repairs were made ? Fuel pressure check, Ignition system performance check ? communication with the Powertrain Control Module ?
I have now changed all four sensors, maste...
Greg's answer is correct, what is the specific code ? If it is a catalytic convertor efficiency code, the catalytic convertor may have failed the test that the on-board computer orders as a programmed protocol, or you could have a vacuum leak, fuel injector issue, or a sensor slightly out of range. I often takes more than a code to diagnose a problem.
I went to your site, got an estimate of re...
Owner: The Estimates which you are able to generate on RepairPal are a courtesy service provided to give you, the consumer, a guide to check if the Prices you are Quoted are within normal guidelines for your area. They are not a " chiseled in stone" Quote from any shop. Most Shops follow specific procedures aimed at Customer Satisfaction & Trouble Free Repairs, for example: Replacement of the water pump during a timing belt replacement, when the water pump is timing belt driven. A quote in those instances may exceed the estimate self-generated by the customer.
I hope this explanation may alleviate your concerns, if not, feel free to call us. Thank You.
It also shifts hard between 30 to 50 mph
Owner: Have some qualified to do so check the CVI Index readings with a good scan tool,
these readings may give insight as to why the transaxle is giving you this symptom, possible incorrect clutch pack clearance, missing or out of position wave plate, incorrectly installed accumulator spring, excess final drive lash, failed engine mount, worn axle(s), or control solenoid issue.
I have been banging my head for the past f...
Owner: Your vehicle's engine control computer provides a ground to close the fuel pump relay contacts
for a few seconds @ key on, then that ground opens until the computer ( ECM ) sees a crank signal, at which time the ECM provides a ground to keep the fuel pump powered. I would suggest checking for power and grounds @ the fuel pump relay during cranking to confirm correct ECM operation. The best way to determine if the oil pressure sensor is a factor, is to connect a capable scan tool and see if the ECM is enabling fuel, which should be one of the parameters you can monitor.
When I depress the gas pedal I'll hear...
Owner: Possibilities: engine performance issue, failed sun shell in the 4l60e transmission, ( very common ), requiring transmission removal & disassembly w/repair or rebuild, ( recommend rebuild if trans is original ), or other driveline failure, missing driveshaft ?, or differential issue.
Crank sensor. Still have extended crank ti...
Owner : Were the replacement parts sourced from the dealer ? Or were aftermarket parts used ? For some applications, we prefer Original equipment parts . Other possible solutions are : camshaft timing issue, neglected engine oil changes, sensor connections or wiring damage, engine control computer problem a good capable scan tool and/ or a lab scope analysis may prevent purchasing parts your vehicle does not need .
Owner, Sorry, Alldata does not give me a location, but I believe the pump is integral with the windshield washer reservoir, ( where you refill the washer fluid ).
Owner: Possibilities : worn drive axles, failed engine or transaxle mounts, engine performance issue, missfire, caused by ignition tune-up or fuel injector problem, dragging brake calipers, or ABS system problem.
A professional inspection, diagnosis, & repair is always the most economical path to a satisfactory solution.
Owner: Most likely cause: faulty brake lamp switch, usually can be by-passed ( in order to drive to repair facility ), by ( engine not running ), turning the ignition key to the first position from " off ", move gearshift lever to neutral with foot brake depressed, then you should be able to start the vehicle in neutral.
Rearend locks up
Owner: There has been no recall of that differential that I am aware of, we have seen a lot of bearing failures
in the dodge Pickup differentials, @ over 60,000 miles, that can be prevented with maintenance lube oil changes,
using Full Synthetic, chances are, if the rear is now locking, major damage has occurred, requiring a major rebuild or replacement.
Owner: The Brake booster is the component which provides more mechanical
pressure to the brake master cylinder, which benefits the operator by requiring
less foot pressure to the brake pedal, giving the brake assist function to
" power brakes". this component can be electrical, vacuum, or power steering pump
pressure supplied in its operation, depending on the design of the particular vehicle.
How do I replace an internal fuel filter?
Owner: An " internal" fuel filter is inside the fuel tank and requires removal of the in-tank fuel pump for replacement. Our labor guide shows .7 hr to replace the fuel pump, so I assume the fuel pump can be accessed under the rear seat or from the trunk floor on this vehicle. the same labor guide, however shows the fuel filter in-line under the vehicle. I would have to see the vehicle to tell you for sure.
What are the symptoms of the trans mount w...
Owner: engine and transmission mounts can fail in two ways : they can break, allowing the
Engine and transaxle to move out of normal position, resulting in a thump or bump when accelerating
or changing from drive to reverse while stopped, or the mounts can become hard or rigid with age,
resulting in a harsh vibration @ stops, idling in gear, either failure also may result in a vibration
or bucking @ cruising speeds. Failed mounts can also cause a broken radiator, heater core, and
Broken exhaust components when the engine movement is excessive. An a/c compressor can also
fail in more than one way, it can leak refrigerant, or it may seize internally, causing belt squeal when a/c
Is selected, or the clutch bearing may seize, resulting in belt failure and the loss of other accessories which may
be driven by the same belt.
I was told the catalytic converter was bad...
Owner: Code P1777 refers to a transmission control circuit issue, did you have anything unplugged when you replaced the spark plugs ?
Also, my car has cut off while driving.eve...
Owner: Possibilities; crank sensor, cam sensor, engine control computer, fuel pump, fuel filter, ASD relay,
Power Distribution Box, poor battery connections, Alternator, your best plan of action involves the expertise
Of a professional technician.
What tools are required? Passenger side f...
Owner: proffessional technicians use a Labor Guide
Such as Mitchell or Alldata to give estimates, Alldata says 3.7 hours
A first timer may want to double that, or you might be late for Dinner .
Owner, A Technician would have to access the vehicle's on-board Body Control Module codes & Data
in order to diagnose that issue. I would say the BCM is being driven to that strategy due to a
faulty switch input, such as a door latch internal switch, and the BCM is doing what it is supposed to
do with that input.
Since December 2014 Car has had the igniti...
Prospective Owner: Sorry, that issue would require a diagnosis to determine the cause, a simple engine vacuum leak
could be the culprit, or a major transmission problem could cause the same symptom, a good technician would connect a capable scan tool and look for trouble codes, analyze fuel trim, missfire counters, and a literal snap-shot of the parameters which exist at the time a code sets, called a " freeze frame". all of this information is available to the Technician so we can make an informed decision leading to an accurate diagnosis.
Owner: Set the Display to ODO, & turn ignition key off, while pressing the reset button, turn the ignition on,
& keep pressing the reset button for at least 5 seconds, this procedure should reset the oil life interval, occassionaly has to be repeated up to 3 times.
Owner: I sincerely hope you are knowledgeable about this system, because proper procedures have to be followed
to avoid personal injury or death ! According to Alldata : The front impact crash sensor is under the "B" post trim, and the SRS System must be disabled and the Battery disconnected before un-plugging the sensor.
It just happened today. I see that the Shi...
Owner: An aftermarket company called Dorman makes a fix which MAY be your solution, I believe
the only solution Chrysler offers is a complete shifter assembly, ( if the issue is, in fact,
the Shifter itself ).
0-20 psi.and no more
Owner: The engine oil pump is in the engine oil pan. If the engine is high mileage, or had been the victim of neglected engine oil and filter changes, ( or both ), oil pump replacement may not be a solution, if the engine has worn parts, excessive bearing clearances, or the oil pump screen is restricted with sludge, an engine replacement may be a better solution
my mazda 96 b2300 (smallest one)standard t...
Check : Timing belt, ignition system, ( good spark to the plugs at the proper time ), fuel pump pressure and volume.
A qualified Technician with a capable scan tool would be less expense than purchasing parts that your vehicle
May not need.
I have a 2005 Honda accord hybrid and only...
Owner: I hope you have a warranty ! I agree, sounds like a headgasket failure, and the fact that it is a v-6, and a Hybrid, makes the repair potentially even more expensive. I would recommend comparing the book value of the vehicle to the repair estimate before proceeding.
Owner: An issue like this involves a complex system & several electronic components, therefore, a hands-on diagnosic procedure, capable Scan Tool, & experienced Technician would be required for an accurate answer to the problem.
Owner: Is this noticed constantly or just when engine ( and the weather) is cold ? Is the engine overheating and /or missfiring ? If so, suspect failing cylinder head gasket.
Does a 2007 brake warning light rely on ac...
Owner: The brake warning lamp can illuminate due to: worn pads, low brake fluid level, pressure difference between front & rear brakes, ABS System problem, or parking brake on. I do not believe any manufacturer turns the Brake Warning lamp on at a mileage interval.
happens in all gears. was just in 4th, mor...
Owner: We would be happy to diagnose it for you, many possibilities, throttle position sensor, fuel starvation, ignition issue, bad O2 sensor ground, crank sensor, egr valve, egr position sensor, coolant sensor, intake temp sensor, to name a few.
I sent my ecu out to get checked. The guy...
Owner: Try this, disconnect the oxygen sensors, one at a time, & try cranking the engine w/each one, the o2 sensor heaters are known for shorting on this vehicle. If that does not work, each circuit which feeds off of this fuse must be eliminated to locate the problem, or see a professional !
Owner, $ 426.79, including a new replacement control arm, Labor for installation, & alignment & Sales Tax included, & about $100.00 less for a good used control arm, installed, including alignment & Sales Tax.
Owner, suspension bushings should be replaced when the rubber portion portion begins to split, which allows the fastening bolt to move off of center due to the weight of the vehicle, which allows extra movement of the suspension components during braking and when driving over rough surfaces, which causes drastic changes in the alignment angles, resulting in adverse tire wear and undesirable handling characteristics.
when i push the gas pedal,it takes off a l...
Owner: Possible ignition coil failure, resulting in missfire, or transmission is in limp-in mode, which
causes all driving from stops to begin in second gear, and a host of other possibilities, a professional diagnosis
is recommended.
I brought a new radiator cap and added ant...
Owner: Without testing the vehicle, all I can give you is a list of possibilities, ( Possible headgasket, failure, restricted radiator, thermostat failure, water pump impeller damaged or no longer attached to the shaft, cooling fan issues, leaking freeze plugs,restricted exhaust ), If the vehicle is a 3.3 L V-6, those are known for headgasket failures, does the heater work ? Inop heater is usually the first sign of a headgasket problem, we test the cooling system with a device which detects combustion gasses in the cooling system, called " block check " .
Owner: Does the AC work ? If not: Some of the Cadillacs use the same fuse to power the AC compressor Clutch and the Electronic Transmission Solenoids , have seen many non-shifting Cadillacs with these symptoms, if so, the failed fuse may be located under the passenger side dash area, and the AC Compressor Clutch will have to be disconnected for the transmission to operate. * This is just ONE of many possibilities.*
Owner: Possible issue with the gearshift interlock, faulty stop lamp fuse, brake light switch, solenoid failure, wiring problem, read the owner's manual, there usually a by-pass provision to enable the driver to move the gearshift out of park, try turning the ignition key ( if it has one ), to the first position from off,then try to move the gearshift to neutral before cranking the engine, or, consult a professional technician.
Have been working on this car for a few we...
Owner: You need to access your data though the use of a vehicle- specific scan tool, & check for engine coolant in the cylinders, or tow it to a well-equipped shop with trained, experienced technicians.
in the morning upon the 1st start up the p...
Owner: We may have an economical solution for that symptom, which involves replacement of an o-ring, but we would have to see your vehicle to give you a quote, or show you how to make the repair.
Get fair pricing for good quality tires to...
Owner; Are the Steering and Suspension in good shape ? Alignment good ?
$ 545.64 incl. Disposal & sales tax for four Nexen N-5000 Radials,
It won't shift right still
Owner: We need more information about your vehicle and its operating data to help you,
perhaps you should find a good local independent repair facility to help you.
My car wont start when its hot an my coola...
Owner: I would recommend the " block check " tool and procedure to determine if the cooling system is being conaminated with combustion gasses & pressure.
First sign of trouble was when coming to a...
Owner: Possible BCM failure, we would diagnose with the applicable scan tool & access data, may have a network communication problem which could be internal to a module such as the BCM, or due to a wiring issue, these can pose a challenge to diagnose if they are not consistent.
I cant seem to move the tensioner
Owner: If the tensioner is original, it may have failed, locked in position, and only its removal &
replacement would be the solution.
Brake, anti lock, & anti traction on d...
Owner: To correctly answer your question, I would have to access the ABS System control unit with a scanner to read the codes, then follow a diagnostic flow chart, the most likely cause would be a wheel speed sensor & sensor harness issue, other possibilities are: Control Unit failure, HCU failure, Fuse, Relay, or wiring problem, incorrect tire size, or spare tire on the car, in service.