would the speed sensor cause a temporarily loss of power at acceleration? on 1997 Plymouth Breeze

when this happens it doesn't seem to be gettin power. engine will stay running properly and within a few seconds the power comes back. until this happens again. could happen 2 or 3 times per da.y. some days it may not at all

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The speed sensor has to do with the transmission, and not so much to do with the "power plant" (engine). However, if it feels like the engine was released from load (and maybe revs up), you may be experiencing transmission slippage. What was the last time you checked your transmission fluid level? The four speed automatics are VERY sensitive to both fluid level and fluid viscosity (thickness)! You ARE using ONLY ATF-3 or ATF-4, aren't you? If you are using ANYTHING else, you are destroying your 4-speed automatic transmission!