Would the pressure control solienoid cause a delay in upshifting.A long delay? on 2012 Chevrolet Impala

This usually happens after an aggressive start and then back off before your having too much fun.

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should be under factory warranty. what are the trans codes ?
I have not had it checked out by dealer service yet. My confidence in them is rapidly diminishing. They had my car for three days to track down an intermitant grinding sound in the front end and I finally went and got my car back because they would'nt even put it in the service bay because they had not heard the sound. I told them which side the sound was coming from and they still would not put a wrench on it.
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no. due to upgrades to the motor block (Variable Valve Timing, Direct Injection, Etc...) the power in the car's block and transmission is best found in the upper end of your tachometer.