would the map sensor stop the truck from starting on 1996 Chevrolet Blazer

some one just put an intake gasket on it and it wouldn't start and they brought it to my shop and that is the only code coming up is the map sensor

Fuel pressure psi? Got good hot spark to the plugs? Put a little gas in T-Body will it start? Shorted MAP may cause a no start, unhook connector and try it. I bet that aint the problem though.
gas in the throttle body may just flood it
May just be what it needs to start also!
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poss map issues,this could cause a no stsrt or rough running,test for vac and signal
map sensors can be cleaned with intake cleaner. pull the duct off the airfilter housing and make sure the map isn't damaged. this sensor is needed to run the vehicle
MAP plugs into the intake manifold behind the throttle body!! You are thinking about the MAF. Who knows what the problem really is anyway might be saying the engine wont turn over!! (not cranking) This engine will start without either of these sensors even on it, may not run right but will start and try to run!! I own one and remember working on the first ones that came out in the late 70's.
your right sorry
No problem at all good suggestion.