Would like to ID the noise coming from the rear of my engine. on 1997 Ford Ranger

It sounds like a shaft turning in a dry bushing or rubbing against something and doesn't do it all the time? Just drove the truck on a trip for 4000 miles. Sometimes it would get loud and other times would go several miles without a problem. Thanks for any help.

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agree with #2 very common issue as they get older. any parts store has them for approx 70.00 but need to be installed coeectly or it will turn on ck eng light
Thanks for the reply. Will be checking it out.
When we were growing-up in the 50's & 60's...I never heard of any problems with Cam-shaft Position SENSORS (and their Pedastals). OK...was I simply Out-Of-The-Loop?
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Tansmission type, auto/man?
The Transmission is a 5-speed automatic. Thanks
4- sp auto! Noise at any time, trans in drive or park, engine cold/hot or doesn't matter?
The noise happens any time. Idling, stopped, moving, park or drive. Thanks..
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The camshaft position sensor is at the rear, top of the engine right behind the intake manifold and the pedestal that it attaches to can fail and get noisey. If that is making the noise you should replace the pedestal and sensor together.
What you're telling me sounds logical. I'll be checking it out. Is this something I can do or should it be left up to the pros? Thanks much.