Would improper replacement of ac o-rings cause air compressor to leak? on 2006 Volvo XC90

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I just bought my brothers XC 90 and he had the AC o-rings replaced in June. I just drove to LA last weekend and it was EXTREMELY hot and NO AC! Is it possible that the o-rings, if replaced improperly, could cause the air compressor to get a leak? He paid $200.00 for the fix and the local Volvo dealership where he had it serviced is telling me the compressor will need to be replaced & it will cost $1000. I need advice.
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whoever repl them should have evac system and would have known there was a leak but the previous answer was very right
If the compressor is leaking from either case seals, shaft seal or is internally malfunctioning, that wouldn't have anything to do with O-ring replacement. The O-rings may have been misdiagnosed and the compressor may have been leaking the whole time, or it could be a really bad case of rotten luck. Hard to say without being able to see the vehicle.
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