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1998 Ford Explorer Question: would flex plate cause ticking noise because lifters and chains are perfect condition

would flex plate cause ticking noise because lifters and chain are in perfect condition -
Answer 1
if it is cracked, yes. did you have the cover removed to check the tensioners for the chain?? Roy -
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good because this is much more common of a failure. did some one diag it as a flexplate?? Roy -
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how would i recoginize this problem or what to look for to notice the problem? one said it was the flex plate just curious because i was actually present when timing chain,rocker arms,and lifters were being checked.we found nothing wrong with these parts at all so i'm wondering what can it be.this truck never gave me a problem nor the check engine light isn't on.got any other ideas to help out?thank you very much for helping! -
Answer 2
Roy is right on - the cam chain tensioners are so so so common on this engine in this model year that thinking flex plate or anything else is tough to imagine, at least from where I'm sitting. Cam chain tensioners, then also chain guides were issues. The timing cover does not come off to service or replace the cam chain tensioners. The noise is a metallic clattering with the engine running, especially cold. -