would a job i had done at pepboys and my traction control light be related? on 2006 Pontiac G6

About a week ago, my car completely shut down. It was running perfectly fine. Mt parents took it to pepboys and they couldnt find anything wrong with it. Then they said that oil and fuel had combined so they changed the fuel pump. still nothing. They checked the spark plugs and they were fine. After almost paying a grand, the car can run but it rattles and shakes when i am idle and now my traction control light is on. Did they mess something up?

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Traction control would be linked to your braking system. Did they change the oil? If fuel mixed with the oil it should have been flushed out of the engine...Sounds like the air intake has a faulty map sensor or intake hose leak. Your car should have a check engine light on by now. the codes will pin point your problem. Good Luck!
Yes they changed the oil. Thanks for the advice. I am just stumped at whats going on with the car.