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2010 Toyota Corolla Question: Would a damaged Motor mount cause the passenger side seat to shake?

While on the highway at about 60-70 mph the passenger seat of my car starts to shake all of a sudden along with the car itself. It does not happen at any other time. I recently purchased this pre-owned car with 38k miles. -
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Sounds alot like a bad wheel bearing , or I guess a motor mount could cause it , yes. A motor mount stabalizes the engine/transmission , while at a higher RPM range (60-70 MPH)the axle shaft (CV half shaft) could cause an inballance that would cause such a condition (passenger seat vibration). I suggest that the CV half shaft , combined with a bad Ball joint or tierod end and a poorly ballenced tire maybe... would be possible if not likely to be the reason you are getting this vibration. I would suggest you do the driving and seat your wife in the passenger seat ... give her a good romance novelette and take her on a journey ;) Otherwise , I would say , get the tires rotated and thier tread checked... -
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LOL...thanks for the advise! -