Chevrolet Colorado Problem Report

Chevrolet Colorado Engine Misfire Due to Worn Valve Seat

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The engine may develop a misfire due to worn valve seats. This fault will cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. Replacement of the cylinder head may be required to correct this concern.

About 6 months ago my truck started the same misfire problems I've been reading from other owners. I have taken my truck to be looked at,and I was told that it would be around $2500 to $3000 for repairs. It's something when you spend $30.000 for a truck and take very good care of it,inside and out.and the dealer you bought it from tells you.he has had many reports about the same problem.Why is there not a recall put in place for this problem.I am the last person to beat up my truck or drive it like a teenager.This issue needs to be addressed to the manufacture and a recall needs to be put inplace. -
Misfires, rough idle, check engine light stays on. -
So, I just failed my emission test. Said my # 5 cylinder is misfiring. I replaced coil and plug with no change. Now I find out that GM has valve seat problems with this engine. If it is a common problem do you think GM will stand behind their engines and repair them or do I have to pay the total amount >|??? -
It seems this problem has been going on for sometime my truck only has 43,000 miles on it it should not have worn valve seats with this low milesage General motors should stand behind fixing it my repair shop says it will cost Around $3,000 to fix it.Allen Weatherman -
check engine light solid always -3&5 cylinder misfire code stalls alot when stopping slowing down in traffic i have replaced spark plugs all coils -
runs rough at times -
valve seats not fixed can not afford -
was replaced in the recall at 60k. has happened again at 130k. -
Idle rough. Misfire on different cylinders -
Misfire on # 3 cylinder replaced heads. -
chevy needs to fix these problems at no cost to us or we should all buy fords -
runs rough at startup , slight miss when idling , check engine light comes on. Ran checks on injectors , coil , changed plugs the miss is still there. My mechanic is sure its the valve seat in #5 cylinder. This just happened so its not fixed yet but estimated cost is $3K. -
wow sure seems GM has decided to turn its head and not address this very costly problem - 3.5 Inline 5 cyl I had to have the cylinder head rebuilt and it also needed pistons/rings work because it ran too long miss firing. seemed to run fair. I would recommend fixing the trouble as soon as you can and save repairing more on the engine then just the cylinder head. live & learn . Expensive lesson -
#3 Cylinder has no compression. Prior to this engine would misfire and stall after warm up. -
Has not been fixed. I can't afford the cost. Guess I'm going to scrap it. Repair cost is more than dollar value now. -
Misfire #3 cylinder -
coil and plugs changed. wiring checked. problem still exists -
one and five cylinder misfire bad valve seats being fixed at a Chevrolet dealer. -
Check engine light comes on for miss-fire when stuck in traffic after prolonged idle -
damn worn valve seats.truck wont run.had it corrected at 47000 at a cost of 2800 its doing it again. -
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