Ford Explorer Sport Trac Problem Report

Ford Explorer Sport Trac Worn Timing Chain Cassettes May Cause Rattling Noise From Engine

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A rattling noise from the engine may indicate that the timing chain cassette is worn. Our technicians tell us that installing an updated cassette and timing chain tensioner should correct this concern.

Im hearing a rattling noise under the truck and think that it may need a timing chain . I have 96000 miles on truck and its never been changed -
timing chain broke causing metal to enter motor. motor blown -
A piece of the timing chain cover came up through the valve cover. Truck was still running!! -
nasty rattle, no obvious source. No check engine light on. -
Noise from motor, timing chains and guides were bad -
timing belt out at 192000 mls. replease timing beltend motor dont rund the same like before -
Went through total of 3. yes 3. 2006 it caused a valve to set on top of piston. Got a rebuilt motor it ran 1 year. the only way shop would cover said problem, under warranty. was put on(all) mufflers. 3 catalytic mufflers, do to possible back pressure here I am with a great truck with bad engineers or money grabbing (?). So next, I hope that show will come that fixes problems with one loved truck. Put a mustang motor, trans & ecu. make my wife her ford adrenaline 2002. Problem FREE -
Non-rythmic rattling behind passenger side valve cover. $3400 just for one side!!!! Plastic parts. -
worn cassette, dealership wants over $3000 for repair but are recommending that i buy a new motor from them and they will install it for me for around $4500 -
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