Knocking Noise Over Bumps Due to Worn Sway Bar Links on Volvo S60

Front and/or rear sway bar end links may wear out prematurely, causing a knocking noise from the front or rear of the vehicle when driving on bumpy roads. Our technicians recommend inspecting the links at each service, they should be replaced if any looseness is found.

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Average mileage: 115,777 (40,000–300,000)
5 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, more2005
31 people reported this problem
11 people shared problem details
2001 Volvo S60300,000
Links go out in front, have them replaced then rear ones go out
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2001 Volvo S60128,000
found when got new tires on the car
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Knocking noise all the time
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2005 Volvo S6070,000
At 110,000 km (70,000 miles), knocking/creaking driving on bumpy side street or rolling over parking lot speed bump. Not so noticeable at higher speeds but really annoying at slow speeds. Replaced left from sway bar as one end link was very loose & sloppy.
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2003 Volvo S60120,000
Needed to replace rear sway bar
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2001 Volvo S60144,000
I inherited this car and it has gotten regular maintenance. It seems that I have inherited two common problems 1) The Mass Airflow Sensor is bad causing rough cold starts and part throttle stumbles. 2) The rear sway bar has lost it's bushings and now a whole new part (they don't just sell the bushings according to my service tech) at about $130-$150 has to be puchased and installed $80 for labor. Why can't they engineer cars to be more "fixable" had the bushings been available I could have saved over $100!!!
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2003 Volvo S60106,000
After giving the car an oil change, noticed that the end link was completely broke off from the bushing on the bottom.
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2002 Volvo S60135,000
I had both go out on me, on top of that a front right bend axle do to a pot hole.
Vehicle totaled due to broken rear pass sway bar. Fish-tailed on a busy highway. DO NOT DRIVE THIS VEHICLE IF YOU THINK YOUR SWAY BAR IS BROKEN!!! Handling on ANY road surface is seriously affected, causing drift, accessive lean, and rear wobble or fish-tail. No noises or warning from the vehicle. Had only recently noticed a "sluggish" feeling in the wheel. Again PARK this car if you even think your sway bar is worn.
2002 Volvo S6074,000
Pass side make a clicking noise
pass side broke off
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