1994 Mercedes-Benz S420 Q&A

1994 Mercedes-Benz S420 Question: WORKING

Answer 1
The wheel speed sensor needs to be replaced, same thing happened on my 95 and fixed the problem -
Answer 2
The OVP relay has a 10amp fuse....odds are that the fuse has blown - happens if the car has been jump started via a remote battery. Change the fuse - OVP stands for over voltage protection - -
Answer 3
it is very simple my freind my car just had the same proble it is no problem dude just open your front hood and then on passenger side it box gona say battery in trunk open that box and you gona see a computer that has fuses check every single fuse and it should be blown and replace that 10 amp fuse and there u go speedometer and on the and by doing that abs lights is still on then on all of your wheel you have abs sensor replace them then your good -
Comment 1
This worked Great for my speedometer, cruise control, fuel meter, Abs light and the power steering seems much softer. Thank You So Much For The Advise! Now Im looking to repair the odometer? -
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