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Woodlawn Foreign Car Service Inc
September 03, 2014

They fixed my car for a decent price.....however they wouldn't admit that they melted a hose in my evap system. They did work on my rear subframe and a vent hose running from my carbon canister to my fuel tank sits right above the mount they rewelded. It's OBVIOUS that they did it. It was melted by the mig welder they used to reweld the trailing arm mount back onto the rear axle carrier (subframe). It's too small of a claim to sue them over....not worth my time.

When I tried setting up a time for them to look at it, they kept pushing it back. I got fed up and fixed it myself. Dealer quoted $1700 to replace the $50 hose. I did it myself.

Now that I think about it, they knew about this a week after they return my car to me. I brought it back a week later because the SES light tripped. I had them scan the car and because I unplugged the butterfly valve in my exhaust (for sound) they told me that was the problem. I was skeptical but they cleared the code and it didn't come back for another week or 2. The code that was being throw was P0442 (leakage detected in EVAP system). They denied it from the start......

Sure they may be nice when you get quotes.....don't expect them to own up to ANYTHING.

BTW, I signed up just to post this....

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