won't turn over does absolutely nothing on 1992 Buick Riviera

car was driven Monday morning, afternoon daughter went to leave for work and the car would not turn over nothing. Was running fine before. Husband has checked battery starter neutral relay switch crank fuse and to no avail we are stumped. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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is the security light on? maybe a bad kkey or lock cylinder. I am assuming the car has power otherwisw.

yes the radio comes on and the antenna goes up and dome lights just no crank or turn over just a click on the relay passenger side and a clicking in the abs box under hood
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Try this - tap on the starter with a hammer....when the solonoid starts going
"pulls" too much voltage. Hi, I have a Riv 1989....this "same" situation happened to me last week! My battery tested with 13 volts AND dropped to 10 volts....using a battery "load tester". What it meant was that "something" was pulling the voltage down too far to even light the lights! So I jacked up the front, took off the plastic cover (keeps dirt out from the bottom of engine)....tapped lightly - LIGHTLY on the STARTER using hammer, then put in a healthy battery...started just like usual! -