wont turn over on 1991 Oldsmobile Silhouette

it was running fine till one i was putting gas in it and it wont when i turn the key over i can hear the blinkers ,

I suspect you either have a bad battery, bad battery connections or the starter has failed. First check the voltage across the battery it must be 12.6 volts or the battery is not charged and would need to be charged and tested. If the battery voltage is low perhaps the alternator has not been charging the battery, (engine running the voltage across the battery should be approx.14.6 volts).
Check the battery connections are clean tight and secure, try "jump starting" your car from another car, if it "jump starts" the starter is fine and mechanically the engine is sound, if it doesn't "jump start" you need to check the battery and starter circuits.
im having the same problem however when jumped it runs fine for a couple of weeks then it happens agian this time with a noise from the fuel pump let it stop and runs again then today sounds like the fuel pump is under water e motor only cliks now lose of power to crank the motor and drownding fuel pump could you give some insigt please and thanks