Wont turn over on 1998 Nissan 200SX

My 98 200sx died out on me after I was sitting at a stop light. The light turned green and I started accelerating around the corner going right when I let off the gas a little then when I started t o accelerate again it sputtered out like it ran out of gas. The fuel filter and fuel pump are fine. There is gas coming out of the return line to the gas tank and I am getting spark to the plugs. any ideas of what this could possibly be? There was a car reader attached it but the guy accidently erased the log before I seen the code. I vaguely remember something about vacuum regulator but I m really not sure.

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Compression (mechanical integrity), fuel and spark are the three things an engine needs to run. Did your car restart or start after it had cooled down. Often the distributor electronics will fail when the engine is hot and allow the engine to restart once the engine has cooled down. I would first remove the distributor cap and see if oil is present in the distributor, if there is oil present the distributor seal is bad and the distributor should be replaced.