wont take off in 1st gear on 2005 Nissan Pathfinder

changed the radiator and exchanger transmission rebuilt had lots of codes now no codes but wont start out in 1st gear any help will be appreciated

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what was done for the codes?? what were the code numbers?? did you change the rad before or after rebuild??

Also could u get back to me asap the folks are really getting antsy on this one
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The codes you were asking about was pressure manifold and input speed sensor there are no codes now we changed valve body
did you change the rad before or after you installed the trans.

This was done before it was brought to me is there a fuse or anything that could be doing this it almost acts lile it is n failsafe mode but has no codes
the reason i ask is the trans coolers contaminate the trans and cause failures. I am worried that even after the rad was changed, junk from the bad trans landed in the cooler and was transferred to your new trans. thats why I am asking these questions.

no, no fuses. You could have a failure in a cltuch piston or seal.

We dont think because it has been gone through again and dont see anything obvious
you mean the trans has come out again??