won't stay running on 2000 Honda Civic

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When driving, the car loses power and acts like it is going
to die. I will pat the gas pedal and eventually it takes gas and starts again. sometimes in the middle of trafffic
it will die, and I will have to put in in neutal and it starts up again. Don't have any trouble starting it. Just
have trouble keeping it running. We have several mechanics
to work on it, but they cannot find the problem. Does anyone know what is wrong with it?
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Do you have any codes? What were/are the Check Engine codes? How old are the tune up parts. I have seen the Ignition Coil fail inside the distributor on several of these Hondas, especially if the Ignition Cap and Rotor get old, they will burn up the coil, so will old Ignition Wires. How old is the Fuel Filter?
I replaced the Coil and put a new air conditioning motor
on it and it runs fine now, but the check engine is still on. How do I get it to go off?
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check for codes. if no codes , then check pcv system for staying open or anything with possible vacuum loss such as egr system if you have one,also idle control motor.we are basically looking for things that may not leave a code.check long term fuel trim( on a mechanics scanner) to see if the car is suffering for plugged injectors , dirty fuel filter etc.check charging back.