1990 Chrysler New Yorker Q&A

1990 Chrysler New Yorker Question: won't stay running

This might seem like a stupid question to some, but I've got a 1990 new yorker that won't stay running. If I keep my foot on the gas peddle to keep the idle up it will run but as soon as I let up it dies and I have to jump it to start it and it does the same thing. -
Answer 1
it could be many things. This car needs to have the charging system inspected if you have to keep jumping it. The Battery/Alternator system may be the whole culprit but this needs to be repaired before you can worry about anything else. -
Answer 2
You have low fuel pressure or a vacuum line holed or off. Look for reason for low vac. EGR is suspect. -
Answer 3
I had this same problem. I got a new battery and changed the wires. I gave it a tune up. -
Answer 4
check idle control module, if you have one. I had the same problem with my 1998 Regal. I replaced the idle control module and problem was solved... on to the NEXT problem(s)! SMH. Coolant Leak and SES Light AND Security Light on... no wonder I'm a Chevy lover. -