won,t start/spark from engine on 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe

My Tahoe will not start,when I try there,s a spark coming from the top of the intake manifold. I do have a band new band battery..I have OHMmemeter.I need help,Thank You..Dolores

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Explain the spark coming from the top of the manifold. Check the battery conenctions, distributor cap and wires going to the spark plugs. All should be clean and show NO signs of shorting out like burn marks.

Does the engine turn over when you try to start it?
All that heard is a click as if the BAT is dead, but the lights do come on in the panel.thank you
What about the spark from the intake manifold? Did you check the engine oil? Since you have a multimeter, check the voltage of the battery. Should be around 12.2 volts resting. When you attempt to start the engine the voltage will fall but not below 10.8 volts...
I,m going too check all these items/test and I will get back with you...I do thank you very much,You have been very helpful,talk to you later..Dolores
Good luck, Hal
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Call Ed at as he's located close to you and maybe he can stop by when he's out running for parts