wont start,cutoff switch wont reset on 1993 Ford Probe

I have a 93 ford probe that intermittently starts.when it dont start it doesnt even crank,but all the accessories work so i would have to push start it to start.Now even when i push start it it wont start.The fuel cutoff light is on and i tried disconnecting the battery for atleast 10 min and resetting the cutoff switch.fuel cutoff light still on.any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

2 answers
Hey Darren, this needs to be diagnosed to know what is going on here. If you don't have a repair manual, try alldatadiy.com, download the manual for your vehicle, it's about $25.00 and it's the same info the mechanics use. It should have some good info about diagnosing this type of problem.
Good Luck
I had the same "no starting" problem with my '93 Probe and found that even though I bought a new battery and then thought it was a bad one and they replaced it, I eventually found out that the new battery I bought did not have enough cold-cranking amps and I needed a heavier duty battery. When I bought the first new one, it worked for a few months then because it was not strong enough,it finally went dead even though my accessories still worked. I jumped it and jumped it til I finally did kill the battery. It's a thought about your trouble anyway.