wont start when hot on 1996 Saturn SL

after driving my car i have to get a jump to start it again or i have to wait a couple hours to start it again it happens all the time now just started this problen about two weeks ago

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I assume you mean that the starter won't crank the engine when it's hot. This could be because the starter's failing when hot.
If you want to check it out when it's giving you trouble, here's a procedure:
Assuming you've checked the battery and it's charged, check for battery voltage on the large battery cable on the starter. Check for battery voltage on the smaller START wire on the starter when your assistant turns the key to START. If OK, and the starter doesn't operate, suspect the starter. If there isn't power on the START wire when the key is turned to START, then the control part of the circuit is faulty.
Here's something on starter diagnosis for you:
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