won"t start some times on 2005 Chevrolet Impala

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Every so often my car will not start. There is no elecrical at all. after proforming a off- on process (takes about 10 min.) it will start. It seems thaT A high humid day it is worse. There is no warning when it my happen. could it be something to do with mosture?
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Check the battery cable connections for corrosion. Lots of corrosion may indicate a leaking battery (you'd need to repalce the battery and clean the terminal connections). The corrosion would possiby cause your problem. If the battery and connections are OK, write back with more information.
the battery is fine and as I said if you do the process (bump the start and leave it on for exatly 10 min. then turn off wait 10 sec. and try to start. If it does not work repeat up to three times) some times it takes 2 times some times 1 . this process came from an x mechanic friend he says it could be any where from 350$ to 1500$ so you see why I"m asking
I bought the same year car and 3 days later, it wouldn't start. I tried maybe 3 times then it started. Ever since, and I've had the car for almost 6 years, every so often, it won't start. No one can find out what the problem is because apparently, it never does this when the shop has it. Good luck with a solution!