Wont start it crank but no start on 1996 Mazda Protege

I have replace everything on this car from the dstribuitor to the ignition switch and nothing no light no radio no power window i lost all power to the interior of the car don't know what to do please help

by in Mcgees Mills, PA on September 08, 2013
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ANSWER by on September 08, 2013
Need more info. With what you are describing (a near total vehicle power loss) I think you will need a shop to diagnose. Could be a bad ECM, multiple fuse and relay failures, to who knows what. Best bet is take to a shop and get a complete scan and diagnosis.
COMMENT by on September 09, 2013
Well I check out all the relays that I could see and all the fused the problem is that I am not getting any power to the fuses inside the car, no lights, no power to roll up the windows or to operate the radio
COMMENT by on September 09, 2013
Then it sounds like a blown ECM. The ECM is like a power distribution center to all of these components. To be sure, you need to have yours tested.
COMMENT by on September 09, 2013
What is the ECM and where is located please?
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