1996 Pontiac Sunfire Q&A

1996 Pontiac Sunfire Question: wont start

ran before i replaced starter, now cranks over fine but wont fire...HELP! -
Answer 1
Sounds like no ignition!Check the wireing on the starter solenoid.One Or more may have not ben hooked up and left hanging. the positive battery cable if it has a pigtail for the ignition switch may have a blown fuseable link.IT IS A GOOD PRACTICE TO UNHOOK THE POSITIVE BATT.CABLE For any electrical repairs. -
Comment 1
all wires are hooked up and hooked up correctly, batt. was disconnected during starter replacment, cant find a fusible link, all fuses are o.k., any other suggestions? -
Comment 2
Plugs dont fire?? yes or no?? -
Comment 3
no spark at plugs, i double checked wiring to make sure it was hooked backed up right, just has no spark now... -
Comment 4
anyone have any other ideas??? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? -
Answer 2
I had coil problems. First the coils went bad at about 180,000. Then the coil housing (actually the conductive springs in the housing) went bad when they got corroded. Both issues only affected one cylinder since there are two coils and only one sideof one went bad in the first incident and only one spring corroded in the housing in the second incident. If you aren't getting fire to the plugs I would suspect something is not firing the coils. Check for any other wires that might have been disconnected or pulled loose around the coil housing. -
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