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1991 Chevrolet Beretta Question: wont start

I just replaced the crank position sensor. 2.2 4 cyl still wont start. turns over good - gas is coming out from throttle body fine - nice little mist - but no spark or sometimes a backfire type sound as its turning over. ?? Thanks for any advice. Bob -
Answer 1
could be a module or coil pack. it can get expensive just replacing parts. if the injectors are spraying, then it may be a spark issue. also, from all the cranking with fuel and no spark, the cylinders may be washed down with fuel. i would remove the plugs and add a very little oil into the cylinder to get back some compression. Roy -
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Thanks Roy - I will take your advice and put a few drops of oil in the cylinders but do you know if there is a way to TEST the ignition module and/or the coil pack to see if they work?? Or do I just have to buy new ones and hope for the best?? And on this 2.2 4 cyl is the ignition module the same thing as the ECM (electronic control module)? I'm a bit lost as far as terms on these computer cars. Thanks. Bob -
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hard to test with being at home with no scanner or a digital volt meter. the module is for the ignition system only. the ecm is the brain of the fuel control system. you can remove the module and take it to pepboys and they will test it for free to verify. i know they can because i work at one. go back to parts and they will do it for you. Roy -
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