Won't start!! on 2002 Kia Sedona

I just bought my sedona at the beginning of april and it won't start. replaced the starter and checked the alternator but it was good. have no idea. please help

by in Sacramento, CA on August 10, 2009
3 answers
ANSWER by on August 10, 2009
When you mean it won't start, just exactly does that mean. Cranks but won't start or does not crank.
ANSWER by on July 10, 2010
i had same problem it ended up being a groun wire that goes to the battery it was a small ground not the one connected to battery follow wire is down lower its about 3inch ground wire and my radio fuse was blown and it stared fine after. found out a trick on electrical problem on you yube scotty kilmer he saved me big bucks doing it myelf with a easy $6.00 tester will direct you to the problem it worked for me i understand what your going threw try this it works good luck
ANSWER by on November 11, 2010
Sounds like a timing belt issue. Kias are famous for not making it past 60,000 miles because of timing belts breaking or worn belts causing timing to be altered.
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