Won't Start on 1992 Jeep Wrangler

Have a 1992 Jeep Wrangler with 246K miles. 4.0L (6 cyl), manual. On a trip, ran ~150 miles, filled tank w/about 9 gallons of gas, tried to start car and would not start. Have in w/ mechanic now. Good compression on all cylinders, good spark, distributor and rotor are good, engine turns when trying to start, solenoid coil good, catalytic convertor not plugged, good air intake, fuel pump good. Don't believe it was bad gas as ~15 other cars filled at the same pump after me and had no issues. The mechanic refers to fuel injectors as having a lot of fuel going to them. He seems to be coming to a loss as to what the problem could be. Need some thoughts or suggestions, because the engine just won't start. Thanks

by in Artesia, NM on February 27, 2010
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ANSWER by on June 09, 2010
If you're only transportation is the Jeep and you're still waiting for a possible answer to your problem, I'm a little late in replying. . .nevertheless, I'll give you an example of a similar thing that happened to me, and maybe this is/was your problem as well. By start, do you mean no spark or nothing happening when the key is turned on? If this is the case, the problem lies in the relay switches. My 1992 Wrangler 6 cylinder with 166,000 miles, after driving it to the store and then a short distance to the PO one morning, wouldn't turn over. I don't have a cell phone, and the nearest available phone was at NAPA Auto Parts, which I figured I needed to go to in order to buy a tow rope. I called my best friend, who lives 18 miles away, he arrived, towed me until I was able to kick start it, drove it home, and as I pulled up to the garage, shut the motor off. The thing repeated the problem, and after looking at every fuse, etc., I discovered the problem: the relay box next to the battery, if you switch the horn relay with the starter relay, which should be the same amps, oddly, it works, and you can even keep that particular relay in the horn switch and it still continues to work. I bought an extra switch just in case, but haven't had any problems since. Good insurance, apparently, to carry the good one with me.
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