1995 Ford Bronco Q&A

1995 Ford Bronco Question: won't start

My ford bronco died while sitting at an idle and now it will not start. Any ideas -
Answer 1
You are either missing spark or fuel i'm guessing. If it's fuel, you could have a failed fuel pump. If it's ignition (spark), you could have a faulty ignition module. I believe this has the TFI, but may be remote mounted. -
Answer 2
My son's 1995 Bronco(5.0L engine) quit running on two separate occasions(2 months apart). The first time required a new fuel pump ($800 with labor) and the second time it required a new engine computer ($500 with trouble shooting). -
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after sitting all night and starting engine in morning if below 40 degrees it runs great on high choke for 1 min. than than comes off high choke and stalls and won,t idle on restart.
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the manual states unlocking any door with the key or using the remote unlock will disarm, but my starter circut is still diabled, i.e. she turns but won't fire.