Wont Start on 2001 Dodge Stratus

2.4X Has New coil, cam sensor, crank sensor, plugs, wires, asr is good, tried new computer!!! Cyclinders 2,3 wont fire!!! No Check Engine Light

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This happened to me; a mechanic friend said that the security system had been activated. He said to lock the door with the electronic lock, then open it with the door key three times. I thought he was messing with me, but it started right up!

We're both musicians, and he is a real Godsend. I hope this helps someone else that's struggling.
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Is your Stratus a coupe or sedan,
I show two different part numbers for the coil ( coupe and sedan show two different numbers ) , Maybe wrong coil for your application. give me the part number of the coil you installed and I'll tell you if its for a coupe or sedan
Do you still have the old coil maybe switch it to see if # 2 & # 3 will fire, I checked the number and its right on Autozones web site but when I cross ( c1136 ) the numbers over their coil crosses to UF183 and we show it should be standard ignition # UF189T. Is your car a SOHC or DOHC because theres two 2.4 x engines.
Start a new question and ask for johnny mopar as he's the mopar ( Dodge ) expert
Try this see if you can diagnose this problem

This is for an S10 but if you can find a repair manual, there is probably a similar way to test your coil
duralast c1136 they said it was for a 2.4x my car is sedan
2.4X DOHC tried using old coil before and still didn't fire
Check your electrical connectors for melted connectors, bad terminals, or 'spread' connectors. If swapping parts is having no effect, pull out the volt-ohm meter and look for bad connections and corroded grounding points. Make sure the connectors clipped together securely. Try wiggling the wire harness to the coil and see if that changes the idle. Good luck!
Have you checked the compression in those cylinders?
Are you verifying that by checking the spark at each plug?
Have Not Checked compression but that doesn't matter cause the 2,3 spark plugs wont fire, but 1 and 4 does fire
Yes 1,4 fire great and 2,3 don't fire