Won't start on 2000 Nissan Altima

Fuel pump is working there is spark I can spray starting fluid and its starts fine until the fluid runs out can someone help ?

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Pump may be working just not hard enough! Need to know how much fuel pressure it has. Got gas i guess?
First thing i do is to make SURE there is enough gas in the tank regardless of what the gauge says.
Just a suggestion. But i have seen to many come in on a wrecker and be out of gas!
yes there's gas in the car not foresure about the total pressure the gas line that comes from the filter to the pressure regulator I unhooked it and it shot gas across the engine to the fender so I would say the pressure is pretty has new filter and pressure regulator
Need to know if the injectors are pulsing when checked with a noid light. Also make sure TPS is not stuck at WOT triggering clear flood.
May need to get a mechanic to scan test it for you!
Thanks for your help that was my next step to have someone to hook it up to a scanner.It just I was stuck Thanks again
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ck fuel pressure you should have 34 lbs with key on eng off
change your fuel filter. sometimes we forget to check this. if problem persists check fuel line.
reset your computer and restart
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