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2000 Nissan Altima Question: Won't start

Fuel pump is working there is spark I can spray starting fluid and its starts fine until the fluid runs out can someone help ? -
Answer 1
Pump may be working just not hard enough! Need to know how much fuel pressure it has. Got gas i guess? First thing i do is to make SURE there is enough gas in the tank regardless of what the gauge says. Just a suggestion. But i have seen to many come in on a wrecker and be out of gas! -
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yes there's gas in the car not foresure about the total pressure the gas line that comes from the filter to the pressure regulator I unhooked it and it shot gas across the engine to the fender so I would say the pressure is pretty good.it has new filter and pressure regulator -
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Need to know if the injectors are pulsing when checked with a noid light. Also make sure TPS is not stuck at WOT triggering clear flood. May need to get a mechanic to scan test it for you! -
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Thanks for your help that was my next step to have someone to hook it up to a scanner.It just I was stuck Thanks again -
Answer 2
ck fuel pressure you should have 34 lbs with key on eng off -
Answer 3
change your fuel filter. sometimes we forget to check this. if problem persists check fuel line. -
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reset your computer and restart -
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